The Essential Digital Nomad Gear


Digital Nomadism is a new phenomenon that has broken the nine to five systems. Imagine the freedom you would have if your office could be packed in a bag, and you could work at whatever time you wished to.

The Essential Digital Nomad Gear

The generation-y wants to do both ‘hard work and play’ simultaneously, and they have found the way to do that too.

They learn a skill to gain expertise in it. Then they offer it to companies who allow them to complete the job remotely.

As exciting as this way of life seems to be, there is a lot of preparation behind it. For instance, you will need a digital nomad gear.

The bag that is minimalist yet has all the things you need to travel around the world.

Here is a list of essentials that are a part of the digital nomad gear.

1.    A laptop

Now, this is one device on which your whole travel depends because it is through this device, you will be able to contact your employers and do your jobs, which will help you earn money. It would be an excellent choice to choose a laptop that is reliable and durable. It should be lightweight and portable so that it can easily fit into your bag. This is one investment you shouldn’t be shy about because you need the absolute best one.

2.    Laptop protective gear

The laptop is a sensitive device that needs to be protected at all times. To do that, you will need a hard-shell, shock absorbent, padded, and water-resistant case.  If you want to keep your investment and money maker secure, then it is wise to invest in its protection gear.

3.    External Hard Drive

The laptop can break down, or there could be no Wi-Fi connection in certain areas, but the client will not be concerned with those factors. They will always need their work on the deadline assigned. The external hard drive allows you to save the work and so that you can view or work on it later on. It also helps to keep your previous work, which can act as samples when trying to approach a new client.

4.    Wi-Fi device

Also known as a hotspot, this device is a savior for any digital nomad in the world. It helps them get an internet connection in the most challenging places. With all their work dependent on the internet, this expense is more like a necessity than a luxury.

5.    An extra Smartphone

No device will be able to help you except your smartphone if you find yourself stranded on the road. Using your smartphone, you can contact the nearest authority, your acquaintances that live nearby, your friends, or your family. Hence a smartphone is your life savior, and in case one gets damaged, dead, or stolen, you should always have a spare.

6.    Portable charger/ battery

While you are on the road, there are chances that you will find yourself in a position where you would be unable to plug in your phone or laptop charger. Hence it would help if you always had a portable charger with the help of which you can charge your device anywhere.

7.    Power adapter

There are fifteen different types of sockets around the world, and each has a different shape and voltage power. Hence if you plan to travel internationally, you would need a universal power adapter. This way, you won’t have to get a different adapter each time you land in a different country.

8.    Laptop stand

When you are on the road, you will often find yourself in places where you will be unable to place your laptop in a stable position; hence a portable laptop stands in the back of your bag pack will be an instant fix to this problem. Now you can work anywhere and get your work done before a given deadline – it sure is nice to be free.

9.    A camera

Are you traveling to make memories and have some fantastic experiences, right? Hence you need a camera in your gear to capture those beautiful places and moments. If you are a blogger or influencer, you will need the absolute best camera. However, even if you are not, you might want to take pictures to share those moments with your friends and family who are back home.

10.   Clothing

Remember, I said being a digital nomad means minimalism? This is where you have to be a minimalist. You have to choose multipurpose clothing. For instance, you can have black color shirts and dresses because they can work as both casual and party wear – it’ all about the color!

It would be best if you chose a few pieces that you can pair up differently. So that every time you make a combination, it turns out to be a different one. Also, you should throw away your different clothes each day mentality far away and adapt to the clean clothing strategy. You have limited space in your bag, and carrying a bag pack is not the best option.

11.    Footwear

You need a pair of shoes that you can wear in multiple places, whether it is a hike on the mountain or a walk in the mall. That pair of footwear can be your canvas or joggers. A woolen pair would be the most comfortable one and will last you over a long time. Choose wisely!

12.   Toiletries

You will be able to get them in any place you are, but you should be equipped with some basic ones for the initial few days. For instance, a toothbrush, face wash (especially if you have sensitive skin), hairbrush, shampoo, razor, and perfume (you might not be able to bath every day). However, as you go on you can definitely by new ones as the old ones finish and by that time you will gain enough experience on where to buy them and for how much!

13.   Bag

Which bag you are taking along with you on the journey is an important question. Every digital nomad has a different answer to that. Some prefer to have a wheeling suitcase meanwhile others prefer to have a bag pack. It depends on where you plan to travel, how long do you plan to stay in one place, and how minimalist you can be.

14.  Miscellaneous items

Once you have out in the entire essential, you can put in a few extra things. For instance, you can get a fake id made from a fake id website (if you are younger than 21), notepad, water bottle (will save you a lot of money over time), sunglasses, and a headlamp.

It would help if you also had a 6-month safety net money, which can come in handy in bad times. Also, whatever you earn while working also set some amount aside as a saving. They might come in handy in difficult times.

Digital nomadism does sound like all fun, but it is not- it has its fair share of ups and downs. But if you are ready to face challenges and make your way, then you get packing.


Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.