The Five Biggest Gaming Technology Trends In 2022

Technology has a habit of making waves when we least expect it. Trends that were once ubiquitous can quickly find themselves discarded for new, hipper trends. Nevertheless, gaming is always quick to adopt these trends and incorporate them as new experiences. In fact, video games are usually the first place that upcoming technology is embraced and showcased. 2022 promises to promote even more of these technology trends. Here is what to look out for.

Cloud gaming – Playing the latest games meant having to update your gaming rig every few years. However, a new trend may be emerging. Companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia and Amazon are now offering cloud-based subscription services. Instead of consumers needing to shell out lots of cash, all they would need is a streaming device such as Chromecast or FireTV. The processing takes place in the cloud and the output is beamed to a TV similar to streaming video.

The Five Biggest Gaming Technology Trends In 2022

VR/AR gaming – Both virtual reality and augmented reality have gained a strong foothold in gaming and this trend is expected to grow in 2022, especially with the technologies being integrated into mobile and wearable games. Expect that as technology improves, both headset price and size will be further reduced, making the tech more accessible.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – It’s clear now that these technologies are here to stay and developers are looking for ways to integrate them into all aspects of our lives, including gaming. Expect tipping and in-game purchase to become more frictionless through wider integration with gaming platforms. Additionally, blockchain technology will help provide a safer environment for gamers and developers alike. Sites like will harness this technology to help enhance player experience.

Mobile gaming – While the mobile platform is sometimes looked down upon by gaming purists, it is a vital part of the game industry. Not everyone has a PC or console, but almost everyone has a mobile phone. Game developers are keenly aware of this fact and are hoping to attract more users to the platform. Aiding this trend are improvements in screen resolution and processing power.

The Metaverse – Much has been made of Facebook’s plan to spend billions of dollars developing the metaverse, an immersive online world where users could interact while working and being entertained. This type of virtual congregation is not new. However, Facebook’s plan to develop and expand this virtual world will see new trends in gaming come to the forefront as game developers offer users new experiences within new and familiar games.