The Future Of Apple Products: Could 2020 Be Their Year?

As the smartphone market becomes more competitive than ever before, Apple is having to do more to capture new audiences. But with it a brand-new range of top of the line smartphones and brand-new technology hitting the market, how can Apple begin to capture the attention of their core demographic? In this article, we will be looking into the future of Apple products and what you can begin to expect ahead of the launch event.

Home Pods 2

Since the introduction of the Home Pods in February 2018, there are many Apple fans that have been wondering whether or not a cheaper version of the Home Pod is on the horizon. This will not only play into the Apple ecosystem, but it will make this technology more accessible to those looking to own apple devices but cannot afford the premium price tag. Though this is just a rumour at this time, this is certainly something that we would love to see in 2020.

The Future Of Apple Products: Could 2020 Be Their Year?

The Introduction Of The 5G Smartphone

It has been a turbulent time for Apple share price in 2019 as the US and China trade deal continued to rumble on. However, this has since changed as the ongoing uncertainty reached a deal. This has led to Apple stock hitting an all-time high at this point in the year. This is good news for those that are a fan of the flagship iPhone range is there is set to be a vast amount of focus on 5G capability. This was a huge trend with other industry leaders such as Huawei and Samsung that are all releasing new devices this year with 5G capabilities.

Apple AR Glasses

The Future Of Apple Products: Could 2020 Be Their Year?

Another Rumour that has gained a lot of traction in recent months is the development of AR Glasses. It is proven that Apple is developing this technology behind closed doors however, we are yet to find out the release date and the technology that will be available. Though a 2020 release date for this technology was looking likely, this seems to have been pushed back to 2022 as an internal meeting at Apple suggested that this technology and its release are not yet ready for the prying eyes of Apple fans.

The iPhone SE 2

For those that are a fan of cheaper iPhone there were many that were upset about the termination of the SE but with this comes a number of rumours of the SE2. This is set to be an affordable model that will run alongside the high-end flagship devices. However, rumours of this handset have been circulating for a number of years now with many apple fans wondering whether or not this could ever actually be launched. Until now there was no evidence to suggest that this cheaper model was on the horizon, but with a number of case manufacturers creating some ready for order, this could be the new affordable iPhone that people are looking for. There are also a number of rumours stating that this phone could be set for unveiling in March of this year, making it a very exciting time for Apple Fans.

With this in mind, this is an exciting time not only for the fans of these devices but also investors as the stock is beginning to strengthen in the first part of the new year. But how is this set to change with the release of new devices? Only time will tell.