The Impact of Browser Games on the Gaming Industry


Browser games are carving their own unique niche in the gaming industry.

The Impact of Browser Games on the Gaming Industry

Browser game developers usually approach well-known browser game sites and offer to create content that’s fast-loading and highly entertaining.

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see fully rendered 3D games and full-fledged titles appearing on browsers. Thanks to innovative browser engines such as WebGL and ones that Chrome, Edge and Safari has, polygon count has effectively doubled and become shinier than ever. You won’t have to suffer from low-res, blocky graphics and actually get to play something that would rival a handheld or mobile game to some extent.

The Potential To Go Viral

A browser game can quickly be shared and go “viral”, as everything can be done in-platform. For instance, someone who’s playing Geometry Dash can quickly post the URL of the game to his or her friends and social network, or send a short Tweet saying how much they enjoy it. Game developers get more returns on their time and effort without needing to spend on advertising.

Pick Up and Play

Gamers won’t have to agonize over which title they should play and the proper order of playing. Browser-based titles like popular Friv Games free users from the fact that they can’t enjoy a game because it’s not on their favorite console. This is primarily because they can play any browser game on any popular browsing software or app. Whether you’re using an iPhone, Android or a laptop running Windows, there’s no exclusivity or lack of hardware to hamper your efforts to relax and enjoy.

Future Premium Titles

In the future, Google will enable triple-A game titles such as Assassin’s Creed and others to work on a Chrome browser, and other companies will follow suit. There won’t be any complicated installations, logins or adjusting settings to get the best gameplay experience. You won’t even have to allot disk space as everything will be stored on the cloud.

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