The mobile app industry has seen a massive boom during the pandemic years. Every time the COVID-19 evolves into a new variant, people are unfortunately asked to stay at home and maintain social distance. This is when people start relying on mobile apps more than ever. Whether they plan to order groceries, get food delivered, get news and entertainment, work out or play games, people actively use mobile apps. Thus, increasing the demand and usage of mobile apps at maximum.

The Key Features of the Best Mobile Ad Network

In 2020, over 142.9 billion apps were downloaded globally, out of which 56.1 billion were mobile games. As downloads increased, the number of active users also hiked significantly. This way mobile apps became one of the most used mediums leaving behind traditional media channels. The greater usage and human dependency on mobile apps became one of the profound reasons for gauging advertisers’ attention. But this was not it, mobile developers and publishers had an appetite to gain extra revenue from their apps/games.

Where advertisers wanted to advertise within mobile apps and games, mobile app developers and publishers wanted to monetize. To make things smooth and running, mobile ad networks were developed to act as a bridge between the two for enabling ad serving. Mobile ad networks not just made the process simple but also added greater value to mobile apps and games.

Whether mobile app publishers or advertisers, both look for the best mobile ad network to ensure perfect ad serving and revenue generation. Hence, all top mobile ad networks today offer a range of dynamic features to facilitate in-app advertising and monetization.

Why are Mobile Ad Networks Important?

Mobile ad networks act as moderators between the ad requests being generated from the mobile app/game and the ad being served from the advertiser against the request. The mobile ad networks are programmed to make the publisher’s inventory available to the right advertisers at the right time. This way, ad campaigns reach the right audience and publishers generate impressions that lead to revenue generation. Hence, if you are a mobile app publisher or an advertiser you will require a mobile ad network to enable ad serving. 

But what are the key features of the best mobile ad network? You must be eager to know. Here is all that matters…

The Key Features of the Best Mobile Ad Network

The best mobile ad network should be swift in performance and transparent when it comes to revenue or payment models. Other than these, here is what you need to consider…

Size of the Mobile Ad Network

This does not mean how big a mobile ad network is physical, because it certainly cannot be. A mobile ad network must have a big inventory! More advertisers mean more quality ads, more apps integrated means more audience to advertise to. Thus, a good mobile ad network must have a big inventory to be able to successfully serve ads no matter how many ad requests are generated. Moreover, a larger inventory of apps means a bigger mobile user base, which significantly means more options to find your right audience.

Quality of Ads

Good ads mean a happy audience! You must be surprised reading this as ads are something no one truly loves. Well, this is right but partially right. People do like in-app ads but only if they match their preferences and bring value to their lives. Ads must not seem annoying to the users, hence, good quality ads are always welcome.

The mobile ad network must only support HD images and videos to make the ad experience better than ever. Not just this, the ads must be age bracket friendly as not to cause any nuisance once displayed.

Variety of Mobile Ad Formats

Just as a diverse advertiser and publisher inventory are important, ad formats also are of great value. The more creative an ad is and is rightly placed, it can increase conversions and acquisitions at most. Hence, to make ad serving even better and campaigns successful, mobile ad networks must offer innovative ad formats.

What can be creative in ad formats? It’s the size, the type and the type of interactivity that it allows. Always pick a mobile ad network that offers multiple ad formats to create a highly interactive advertising campaign. Also, not to miss, with the recent developments in the Metaverse, one must consider mobile ad networks that offer ad formats that work into 3D environments.

Payment and Costing Types

Not every shoe fits everyone. Similarly, not every campaign object objective needs to be charged the same way. Each in-app advertising campaign differs in objectives and so do the conversion thresholds. An advertising campaign created to increase installs must be charged per install and not per impression. Hence, ad networks must offer a range of conversions thresholds i.e Cost per Install, Cost per Click, Cost per Action, Cost per Mile etc.

Besides, every app publisher wants to get paid when he or she prefers. To make this process easy, the top mobile ad networks offer Net-60, Net-30 and monthly payouts. It is all done to truly facilitate the ones monetizing.

Targeting Options and the Technology Behind

The world today is all about technological advancements. The platforms offering the best set of features rule the industry. For this, mobile ad networks need the latest pieces of tech and swift performance. An important feature of a mobile ad network is the targeting options that it offers with the technology behind it. Advertisers need wide and crisp options to segment their audience and target them for results. Thus, mobile ad networks must offer segmented targeting options.

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