The Latest Technology used in the Roofing Industry


Technology is a part of our everyday lives, from smartphones to computers, Alexa and Siri, we rely on technology and innovation advances like never before. Technology has an impact on every industry. The roofing industry is no exception to the revolutionized technology. With the new trends adopted, roofing contractors such as are at full advantage of improving efficiency in their business. By adapting to these new technologies, the industry will have transformed for the better. Here are some of the latest technological advances used in the roofing industry.  

The Latest Technology used in the Roofing Industry


Since drones were created, they have seen a major uptake in the mainstream with consumers. They are an expensive yet effective piece of technology. The use of drones is a new and growing trend in the roofing industry. Drones are offering a very good solution to many issues such as fatalities due to falls and roofing inspections. A drone provides a safe alternative reducing the risk of dangerous falls. Drones allow roofers to inspect a roof remotely. They can inspect potential issues on a roof without the need to climb on the roof. A drone can capture images and videos over properties of every size to highlight areas of damage, specific dimensions, and take high quality pictures. Drones can capture images from every angle. With the findings, a drone will provide invaluable information in an efficient and safe way. It can also enable the roofer to draft the estimate quicker to the customer.  

CAD Software  

With technology emerging, there are many different types of software available today to aid in modern roofing techniques. One of the most advanced software is computer-aided design software officially known as CAD. CAD software will allow you to create several designs and share them directly with your client. The customer will have a better idea of the finished roof product and will come to an informed decision. If there are adjustments to be made, they can be performed using the same digital model saving you time. CAD will also allow measuring tools that will work from pictures. This feature can help you create a perfect design without stepping onto a roof. The timeline of your project will be streamlined more easily while increasing safety for the roofer and providing better value for the client.  

Mobile Apps 

Mobile phones are a device used on a daily basis. It is one we require to send information and as a form of communication. There are several different apps that can make life much easier. For a roofer, a mobile app will be so helpful for organising paperwork and other tasks that would be necessary for the job. Mobile apps allow roofers to do the following on the go: 

  • You can send images and communicate regarding the project to your employees 
  • You can measure the roof and building remotely  
  • You can generate more leads quicker using the app  
  • Reports can be created and shared with your workers  
  • The app can be used to find clients contact details and communicate with them    directly  
  • Send estimates to customers  
  • Create and send an invoice to a customer  

New Roofing Types  

Storm damage and energy are leading the charge when it comes to trends and advancements in commercial roof types. Sustainable energy is paramount to new roof installations and many homes are being built placing solar panels on the roof. All innovations have given rise to the following new and exciting roof types.  

Green Roofs  

Green roofs are an eco-friendly roof option and look a lot more attractive than your traditional commercial roof type. Green roofs foster the growth of vegetation. Green roofs consist of a root barrier, a medium to grow the plants, a waterproofing layer, and a drainage system. A green roof is durable and will last longer than any roofing system. Green roofs can be expensive and complicated to build.  

Solar Roofs  

Solar roofs are becoming increasingly popular with many commercial roof projects. Solar roofs are affordable, attractive, durable. They are very accessible and a great source of energy. Clients’ energy costs will reduce by a significant amount.  

Metal Roofs  

Many roofing companies are now incorporating metal roofs with various colours and styles. They offer protection for your building and are very durable. Metal roofs will create a steady temperature in the home, reflecting the sun’s UV rays. If you are seeking an energy-efficient home with heating and cooling, a metal roof is the option for you.  

Flat Roofs  

Flat roofs have been used on properties for many years, however with technology emerging it is changing flat roofs at a rapid rate allowing you to install, maintain, and repair them easier. Flat roofs give homes that modern aesthetic feel and look. Flat roofing materials offer excellent value, flexibility, and incredible lightness for easy installation.  

Cool Roofs  

With climate change and the temperatures changing, cool roof materials will help keep excess heat out of the property. Cool roof materials absorb and reflect energy from the sun. This technology is a great way of keeping energy costs lower during hot summers. Cool roofs are made from light colours.  

Roofing will always be an industry that prides itself on precision and craftsmanship. The industry is starting to embrace new technologies which will change the world. New roofing technology is bringing a positive change to the industry. The technology may be slightly more expensive however in long term they are proving to be more cost-effective.  

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