The Long-Awaited BLUETTI AC500 will be Available Soon at Amazon and their Official Website

BLUETTI again achieved a major milestone following a successful Indiegogo campaign. Its latest solar generator, the AC500, reached $11 million in project backing and is expected to land on Amazon and its official website on November 25 alongside the B300S battery.

The AC500 is the spiritual successor of the highly respected AC300, with several new and innovative features that separate it from the pack.

BLUETTI AC500 will be Available Soon at Amazon and their Official Website

High-Performance AC500 to Power Your Home and Outdoor Living

The BLUETTI AC500 is arguably the most powerful solar generator yet, boasting a maximum capacity of 18,432Wh with several B300S or B300 battery packs. It’s entirely modular, which means you can mix and match battery packs and components depending on what you need.

Bluetti’s latest power station can provide enough juice for even the most demanding device or appliance you have, thanks to a 5,000W inverter component that can surge up to 10,000W.

High-Performance AC500 to Power Your Home and Outdoor Living

As far as input and recharging are concerned you won’t have to wait weeks to bring it up from 0 to 100. Simply plug the proprietary AC cable in or bring out the solar panels and you can achieve up to 8,000W of current. This gives you the ability to charge your AC500 from 0-100% in just 2 hours.

The battery is the most expendable component in a power station, but in the AC500 you won’t need to replace them anytime soon. The LFP battery is combined with advanced BMS technology for a longer lifespan. LiFePO4 offers long-term durability and industry-leading 3,500 charge cycles that retain up to 80% of its capacity. This battery type is rated to last for 10 years or so.

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And if the specs are not enough, you can effectively double it using two AC500 units connected via Split Phase Bonding. With this setup, you can get up to 240V/6,000W voltage and power, as well as 36,864 capacity. It’s enough to power your entire home for several days during blackouts or emergencies. You will need the Fusion Box Pro accessory, which is sold separately.

The BLUETTI app takes care of controlling and monitoring the solar backup station’s usage. Firmware updates are done over the air and via wifi for convenience.

Be Ready for Anything, Power-Wise

The AC500 is built upon the premise of renewable and endless green energy. With prime sunshine, you’ll be able to charge the unit from 0-80% in just an hour and a half, thanks to an optimized MPPT solar inverter.

Bluetti’s latest offering is versatile enough to be a home power station or an energy companion you can take on the go. Its modular aspect means you won’t have to carry extra weight if you don’t need to on trips and vacations. At home, you can stack up B300S batteries or even another AC500 to enjoy creature comforts even when the lights go out.

The Long-Awaited BLUETTI AC500 will be Available Soon at Amazon and their Official Website

You can connect a maximum of six B300S battery packs to get an 18,432Wh capacity. With two AC500 units connected via the Fusion Box Pro, you can effectively double the capacity to 36,864Wh and a 240V/6,000W power output.

As far as charging is concerned, the AC500 offers several charging methods, including solar, lead-acid battery, AC, or generator in dual or triple methods. A wall outlet and solar panel combo, for example, can generate up to 8,000W and bring your AC500 to full in just one hour.

The B300S comes with a self-heating capability when ambient temperatures fall to minus 20 degrees, making it a worthy winter companion.

The AC500 Launches on Amazon and BLUETTI Website on November 25

Bluetti’s AC500 is sure to go quickly when it launches on November 25. Those interested can purchase the sustainable power generator on the company’s official Amazon page or website,