The money-saving secret for all AT&T mobile users

It’s hard to imagine what the world was like over 100 years ago, 1877 things were very different, not just in America but globally. Though not a year which stands out in one’s mind as having particular historical significance, there were a few key events that changed the way we live today. Chester Greenwood patented earmuffs after inventing them at just 15, 14-year-old Rossa Richter performed the first human cannonball act, and Henry Flipper became the first African American to graduate from West Point Military Academy. As though this wasn’t enough, Alexander Graham Bell founded The Bell Telephone Company, a modest enterprise which would later become AT&T.

As of 2019, AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the entire world. From humble beginnings, a goliath of global business emerged. With a market capitalisation of almost $250bn, the company has expanded its reach far beyond simple telecommunications. AT&T also now owns HBO, CNN, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, and more. Almost everything minus your soul. 

In the United States alone AT&T has almost 75 million mobile subscribers as well as 17 million prepaid customers. The company has the lowest churn rate, the rate that customers stop doing business with an organisation, in the entire industry at around 1% per month. A vast amount of AT&T’s customer base is network contract customers. These are customers who have purchased a device from AT&T with the handset cost spread across roughly 2 years with a monthly usage plan baked in. These types of contracts have skyrocketed in popularity in the last 5 years due to increasing handset prices and a hunger for the latest technology. 

While these contracts offer customers the chance to own the latest smartphones without paying a hefty lump sum, these devices are almost always locked to AT&T meaning they lack the flexibility to current and future owners and could be costing you money both monthly and upon sale. But don’t worry, a simple AT&T Unlock will help you save money and get the most out of your device.

How unlocking will save AT&T customers money

You’re probably asking yourself how exactly unlocking your AT&T device will save you money, right? Well, let’s get into exactly how it does that and a whole lot more.

We travel more than ever before, whether for personal or professional purposes regular global travel has become a feature of everyday life for almost everybody in the Western world. Destinations which would have been completely off-limits just a decade ago are now within the grasp of anybody with the capacity to save. We also rely on our smartphones more than ever. Whether for emails or other work-related applications or maps, restaurant reviews, and taxis, our smartphones are fundamental to our daily lives. Travelling with a locked device makes this usage expensive due to the roaming charges that all locked devices are subject to. Simply unlocking your device will make these charges a thing of the past. When your device is unlocked you can simply remove your domestic SIM, find a local store wherever you’re travelling, purchase a local SIM with enough data to cover your trip, plug it into your unlocked device and use your phone as normal. This will likely save you around £30-40 each trip.

Due to rising smartphone prices and technology evolving quicker than ever before, the second-hand market is booming. It is commonplace for users to sell their devices at the end of their contracts to raise money for their next purchase. Second-hand buyers know exactly how much better an unlocked device is, and for this reason, will pay 20-30% more for unlocked devices, they will also buy them more quickly. If you’re selling a £500 phone this could mean an extra £100 from a simple unlock. What are you waiting for?

Network contracts offer an ‘affordable’ way to spread the cost of your device, but the price of usage baked in is often inflated. Whether your device is paid off or not, unlocking your device means you can terminate the data and usage portion of your contract and open your device to a SIM-only contract from any provider. Often these providers can offer unlimited usage for around £10 per month, likely to save you around £200 per year. A huge return on a small investment. 

So, if you’re a savvy user that wants to save yourself money the ATT Unlock Phone process should interest you, or for Apple device owners the AT&T Unlock iPhone process, head over to DirectUnlocks now and save yourself a ton of money. They have well over a decade’s experience with 24/7 customer service and end-to-end tracking. 

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