The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Awaits in the BLUETTI Father’s Day Sale


Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t gotten anything yet for your hardworking dad then you should take a look at the BLUETTI Father’s Day sale.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Awaits in the BLUETTI Father’s Day Sale

Dads will appreciate having a solid and dependable solar generator that can be used off-grid or for fishing and camping trips. Starting June 12, 7pm PDT you can shop various Bluetti products and enjoy significant discounts on popular items. Huge markdowns await, and more so if you’ve already bought Bluetti energy solutions before.

Work From Home Dads and the EP500Pro

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Awaits in the BLUETTI Father’s Day Sale

The EP500Pro is Bluetti’s flagship power generator, and ensures your dad will practically never run out of power in the foreseeable future.

The moment the lights go out, the EP500Pro kicks into action, thanks to the built-in 24/7 UPS. The energy giant boasts premium LiFePO4 batteries at a 5,100Wh capacity and can be connected to RVs and homes. When there’s a power outage, he can continue working for several hours more and have enough time to save valuable data.

The EP500Pro can take in 2,400W and 3,000W of solar input and inverter input and works with virtually every power tool in the shed or garage. The battery is rated to take 3,500+ cycle charges, or roughly 10 years before needing to be replaced.

Buy the EP500Pro during the Father’s Day promo and you can get a $1,000 discount from $5,999 to just $4,999.

Hands-On Dads and the AC300 + B300

Hands-On Dads and the AC300 + B300

The modular solar generator AC300 and B300 combo perfectly fits DIY dads and those who are often seen working with their hands.

Eliminate wall outlet and climbing energy bills with a versatile and innovative solar power system. The AC300 is portable and can be easily transported to any place or spot that needs a plug. A 3,000W pure sine wave AC inverter component means he won’t have to second-guess whether his power tools can work or not.

The AC300 and two B300 battery packs churn out an impressive amount of power. What’s even better is the fact that the unit can be charged to full in just 4 hours of prime sunshine through 2,400W solar input. Projects and hobbies are made more enjoyable with the AC300 and B300 in tow.

Grab the AC300 + B300 combo from June 12 to June 22 to avail a $199 discount (from $3,798 to $3,599).

Outdoor Warrior Dads and the EB55 and EB70S

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Awaits in the BLUETTI Father’s Day Sale

If fond memories of dad consist of fishing trips and camping out, then the EB55 or EB70S will prove to be an excellent choice.

Both solar generators are ultra-portable and are capable in their own right. Bringing the EB55 or the EB70S will be a walk in the park, and he can keep his favorite beverage cold, turn on the lights and charge up essential devices and road equipment conveniently by plugging them in Bluetti’s power stations.

VIPs can get the EB55 for just $399 (originally $499) or the EB70S for just $449 (originally $569) during the limited time event. Other VIP exclusives include the AC200MAX ($200 off) and the B300 module ($300 off).

Father’s Day Lucky Wheel Game

From June 12 to June 22, those who purchase $2,000 and above worth of Bluetti products can spin the Lucky Wheel and win several cool prizes, including an AC200MAX, Bluetti Bucks and more.

More details about Bluetti’s power generators and the Father’s Day sale can be found on Bluetti’s official website.

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