The Rise of Apple Device Unboxing Videos on YouTube

If you want to build a YouTube channel, one niche is the unboxing video. Unboxing videos are popular on the platform, and if you can find an unboxing niche, you can grow. You can thrive on this platform when you create great content, buy likes for YouTube, and appeal to a specific audience.

Today, we are looking at one unboxing genre that’s grown in popularity: the Apple device unboxing video. Let’s look at their history of unboxing videos and why they appeal to many people, including.

The Rise of Apple Device Unboxing Videos on YouTube

First, an Overview of Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos first rose in popularity in the 2010s. The genre has a person opening a package and commenting on what’s inside. Sometimes, it’s done through a person’s POV, while other times, the unboxer may be in it.

While its popularity rose in the 2010s, it has been around since the early days of YouTube. The concept of someone filming themselves opening a package has far preceded YouTube, but in 2006, the term “Unboxing” first came to YouTube in the form of this video:

Unbox.IT : Unboxing Ceremony of Nokia E61 – YouTube

Despite this video being the original unboxing video, it only has 35k views, with modern unboxing videos obtaining millions of views. Unfortunately, when you’re the first to do a trend, you commonly don’t get the credit you deserve.

Unboxing videos have been widespread across all age brackets. Kids love watching unboxing videos of toys and other child products. Adults enjoy them because they can be relaxing and informative about a product they’re considering bothering. Some people with FOMO (fear of missing out) may watch an unboxing video because they can’t afford or get a specific product.

Apple Unboxing Videos

One product people love watching unboxing videos for is Apple products, with Apple products being an early pioneer in unboxing videos.

For example, here is an unboxing video of the original iPhone, uploaded on June 30, 2007:

8GB Apple iPhone – Unboxing – YouTube

As you can see, it has all the ingredients that would make an unboxing video popular. It’s almost mesmerizing to see a video from over 16 years ago on this platform, and it reminds you how long it’s been since the iPhone has dominated the market.

Unboxing videos for modern Apple devices have thrived in recent years, with the content being ripe for YouTube Shorts. Here’s one example.

iPhone 14 Pro Max unboxing – YouTube

YouTube Shorts are up to 60 seconds, enough time for someone to unbox a product and give their thoughts. Since Shorts are popular with the algorithm, someone may make a longer unboxing video and then a stripped-down Shorts version to get more eyes on it.

In short, unboxing videos on Apple products are pretty popular on YouTube, and you may wonder why. Let’s look at some reasons.

Why Do People Like Apple Unboxing Videos?

Let’s look at specific reasons why people may be watching Apple unboxing videos.

To See if the Newest Version is Worth the Money

Let’s say someone has an iPhone 13. Is upgrading to a 14 worth the money? One way to figure that out is to watch an unboxing video. The unboxer often showcases the phone’s essential functions and shows how much the phone has improved over its predecessor.

You can read reviews online, but seeing someone try it out themselves gives a video more of a personal touch, which can be a deciding factor in determining if a product is for you.

Apple Products Are Expensive

We all have technology preferences, but even the most die-hard Apple fans will agree that their products are pricey. For example, recently, Apple announced the Vision Pro, which are goggles that cost $3,500. For many people, this is beyond their budget.

Seeing someone unbox and try the goggles allows the viewer to live vicariously through the YouTuber and helps to relieve some of that fear of missing out.

They Can be Relaxing

Some unboxing videos combine ASMR elements, which can feel quite relaxing. A person may feel relaxed as they hear the packaging being opened or by attending a commentator speak about the products in a soothing voice.

Early Access

Sometimes, an influencer may have early access to a product before anyone else. Watching an unboxing video on a product that is not out yet can be a deciding factor in purchasing the product for yourself.

A Blast from the Past

When you think of unboxing videos, you may think of the hottest products being unboxed. However, there is also a market for unboxing vintage products. For example, this video here:

Mac84: Unboxing a Vintage Apple Macintosh Plus from 1987 – YouTube

It’s fascinating to see someone open a product from decades ago, and it’s something that most people will not do. Finding old tech still in the box can be challenging and not worth the money, but seeing someone do it can be nostalgic and educational.

Are Apple Unboxing Videos for You?

When deciding on an unboxing channel, Apple products may be one avenue you want to take. However, some challenges come with that. Apple products are expensive, channel promotion is also not cheap, so you may want to determine if they’re worth the investment. If you’re someone who uses Apple products, this could be a worthwhile venture since you’re not spending money that you don’t need to.

If not, is there something you collect that is less expensive and has a niche audience? If so, how can you add your spin to it that gets people excited?

These questions can help you make the right unboxing channel for your situation.


Unboxing videos continue to be popular, with no end in sight. As such, Apple unboxing videos will continue to be famous for the foreseeable future.

Apple may be a good niche if you’re interested in unboxing content. However, if that seems too expensive, you may also try another niche. Do your research, have quality content, and then the people will come.