Could you imagine a Robot taking your job position?! What would happen if robots, machines, computers, or sensors did the works entirely instead of human beings?

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Scaling Up Sales Dialer Software

Researchers developed algorithms and parameters that imitate humans, and the influential role was to help reduce human labor, which is precisely what Artificial Intelligence is about. AI has left its effects on our life industries due to increased technology use. It helps human beings do their jobs effectively, efficiently, and quickly, and it’s changing the world around us in various sectors such as healthcare, banking, technology, business, education, and others.

Sales dialers and their advanced features

Sales and commercial-based businesses were heavily affected by AI. Sales dialer is one of its vital results, and it’s software that automates calls for sales agents, saves resources, and maximizes productivity. There are many benefits of implementing a sales dialer in a company’s call center, but to summarize the most important ones:

  • It minimizes the budget you put on calls, especially when it comes to international ones, by allowing you to make calls by VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
  • It helps agents reach out to the targeted clients quickly, thus closing more deals, which means higher revenue for the business.
  • It helps you market your business by reaching a lot of agents locally and internationally, so your company becomes popular and well-known in the market. Being famous will sure promote productivity and increase the company’s income.

Those were some advantages the sales dialers have over traditional calling methods, but what about artificial intelligence’s role and the benefits it brings. To understand that, let’s break down the AI sales dialers by their functionality then explain the idea in more detail. However, if you are interested in checking the practical features a sales dialer can offer in terms of saving time and money, check out how Cloud Talk can save 2-3 minutes per call!

We can divide AI sales dialers into three main types based on functionality: Click-to-call dialer, Agent-assisted dialer, and List-based dialer.

Click-to-call dialer

The click-to-call dialer seems familiar because you can easily interpret the meaning from its name. Suppose you are looking for the phone number on a company’s website. In that case, you might find it highlighted with the phrase “Click to Call.” When you do, the call will be automatically initiated and connected to one of the company’s agents. Furthermore, the AI sales dialer will track your call to register that it came from a specific page on the website to build statistics and develop a better customer experience in the future. It will also automatically add your phone number and other details to the company’s CRM for future reference.

Agent-assisted dialer

This type helps agents make more thoughtful and productive sales conversations. The Agent-assisted dialer prepares the upcoming call while the sales representative is busy on another one. Once the agent finishes the first call, the AI dialer connects the second one immediately and brings up all required historical information, but have you asked yourself how the dialer would figure out who is the second most probable prospect to call? That is AI and learning algorithms where humans can teach the software how to act and think alike.

List-based dialer

It works with your list of clients in the Customer Relationship Management CRM system. This technology follows the way of calling your list agents one by one. You can also mark them as wrong numbers, DNCs, or any other way you want. The sales dialer can also set follow-up dates and sequences based on your choices for the calls.

The implementation of AI in sales dialers

AI Sale dialer software helps sales representatives intelligently and uniquely. The human sales representative who uses the traditional way of contacting agents consumes their work time by having a dead-air period between calls. They also consume time while dialing a number, not to mention the many errors and mistakes that happen while dialing and the time they’ll waste ending these mistaken calls. The traditional way wastes money too. Doing a lot of calls for sure will cost lots of money, especially when you are doing international calls.

Sales dialers can solve all the above with advanced computing, and AI becomes a reality when you upload a list of leads into the sales dialer, along with some basic rules about categorizing and prioritizing them. The sales dialer starts sending the calls your way based on your rules. In other words, the sales dialer starts figuring out who is the most probable lead to buy what you’re offering and will bring it up before others. Furthermore, some sales dialers will withdraw valuable information using online public services and group the leads based on their openness to buying.


Artificial Intelligence is an actual result of modernism in our lives, and we can’t cancel its various influential roles after positively experiencing its benefits and practices. Sale Dialer software combined with AI techniques boost businesses and push everything towards better competition. After reading this blog, the best decision is to use sale dialer software in your company at the call center to help your sales representatives gain more customers. Maximize your company’s income by using this software or any other AI software that can add value to your team.

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