SuperEQ is making a splash in the audio accessory with its two high quality headphones- the S1 and S2.

The SuperEQ S1 and S2 ANC Headphones Provide Great Quality Sound and Value for Money

Let’s take a look at the features, color options and availability of these two headphone products.

The SuperEQ S1 Hybrid ANC Headphones with Transparency Mode

The S1 model has a hi-res audio certification, which means all the sounds come through with high fidelity. If ANC, or active noise cancellation is a must-have feature for you, then the S1 is a solid choice.

The SuperEQ S1 and S2 ANC Headphones Provide Great Quality Sound and Value for Money

There are times when you won’t want ANC, and for this reason SuperEQ added Transparency Mode. This lets you hear your surroundings and can come in useful while commuting or when you’re with friends.

Lastly, 40mm drivers deliver hi fidelity sound, and the bass is noticeable too. A single full charge can last an amazing 45 hours at 60 percent volume. Providing the comfort aspect are soft memory ear cushions, a snug fit and high-quality materials. You can use it for a variety of daily activities, including working out, commuting and cycling.

You can get the S1 in either white or black color, both of which are stylish in their own right.

The SuperEQ S2 Bluetooth ANC On-Ear Headphones

The SuperEQ S1 and S2 ANC Headphones Provide Great Quality Sound and Value for Money

The S2 model has a different function, notably because it’s on-ear. The audio accessory is smaller and more convenient for all-day use.

It connects to your smartphone or device via Bluetooth and provides ANC, or active noise cancellation technology as well. This comes in handy when you want to hear every sound and effect when listening to music, playing games or watching your favorite TV show.

After wearing it for up to 25 hours the professional on-ear headphones can be folded and tucked in your bag. The S2 has it all- good quality audio drivers, relative comfort and a long-lasting battery life. Bluetooth 5.0 technology, support for two connected devices and voice assistant round out the details.

You can get the S2 in three different colors, including Green, Black or Blue. All except Black are dual toned and look great on your head or atop a surface.

S1 and S2 Headphones Availability – Where Can You Buy Them?

The SuperEQ S1 and S2 ANC Headphones Provide Great Quality Sound and Value for Money

SuperEQ has made its S1 and S2 headphone models widely available in most regions.

Both S1 Hybrid ANC headphones and S2 On-Ear Bluetooth ANC headphones can be bought on Amazon US, with color options available there as well. If you’re in the UK region and want a pair, it’s available in the UK Amazon store. The headphone products are priced just right- they’re not too expensive and they offer good quality sound. Both of them work extremely well as everyday drivers due to their lengthy battery life.

In short, the S1 and S2 headphones can be bought on the Amazon US and UK website. All color options for both models are available, and you can have it shipped straight to your doorstep.

Get a Special Deal on the SuperEQ S1 and S2 Headphones Today

SuperEQ offers great value for money with high quality headphones that won’t break the bank. You get active noise cancelling headphones with updated drivers, comfort features and lengthy battery life, among others.

Today, SuperEQ is offering a massive 20 percent discount on its S1 and S2 headphones. There are two ways on how you can avail of this- one is by going to the official SuperEQ website and checking out your preferred headphone and color option. Two, you can visit SuperEQ’s Amazon storefront (in US or UK) and add either the S1 or S2 to your cart. To get the 20% discount, simply use the code MORE20 where you enter voucher codes.

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