The Three Companies That Stand Out In Cybersecurity Right Now

We’ve all been spending much more time at home than we’d probably like to, what with COVID-19 stopping the world in its tracks. Our offices are closed; gyms aren’t open, and just about anything that’s good for both mind and body is off-limits, though that depends on where you live, of course.

Everyone’s taken a hit due to the pandemic in one way or another, but anyone that runs a business has been putting the security of their confidential information and sensitive data in the hands of remote employees. Sure, working from home is a treat and the ideal option for most people, but it can be somewhat of a nightmare for those that run a company and are forced to count on their teams to follow the correct security procedures.

One thing that’s for certain is that since COVID-19 put us all indoors and online most of the time, the number of hacks – both on businesses and individuals – is on the rise. With regards to businesses, attacks focus on everything from customer information and operational data to essential source code. It wasn’t even long ago that hackers targeted a colonial pipeline, only releasing the network that manages it once a ransom had been paid.

Attacks will continue to rise with time and the severity with which they take place will become more substantial. Now more than ever – yesterday, in fact – is the time to get your hands on state-of-the-art cybersecurity software. It’s one of the best investments you can make. Here’s what you can do to make it more effective.

Make A Plan and Plan It Right

Not knowing what to do when an attack happens is something hackers are counting on much of the time. Of course, in an ideal world, the cybersecurity software you just upgrade your defenses with will be enough, but by not preparing a strategy and testing it out, you’re leaving yourself wide open to a serious hit.

Implement a plan with your IT team right away – and not just that, make sure everyone at the company knows how to act should an attack take place. Let’s be honest, if one of your employees currently working remotely accidentally lets something malicious through the front door, you need to know that they’ll report it. This leads to the next important measure you should take.

Adequately Train Your Staff

It’s easy to assume that you won’t be a target for hackers, or to not even think about this at all. But given that the majority of hacks target small businesses, it’s something you need to get on top of fast. Now, by trusting your team to follow through on the cyber attack response plan you put together without proper training is likely going to leave you exposed.

Though it’ll require spending money, one of the best things you can do is to put your team through cybersecurity workshops with experts that are skilled in corporate cyberattack response. That way you’re ensuring that all employees follow safe practices online and while accessing shared drives, and they’re equipped with the knowledge on how to respond should the worst happen.

Names In Cybersecurity You Should Turn To For Protection


DarkTrace is trusted by businesses around the world for its leading AI-driven cybersecurity technology. Its self-learning software works autonomously within your system and is able to identify and shut down threats in real-time, detecting even the most sophisticated attacks. Between education and finance, it lends protection to just about every industry.


With a focus on transportation, Cylus ensures the smooth running of rail companies everywhere with its tailored security solutions. The award-winning firm protects both urban and mainline railway systems and prevents attacks from taking a hold of networks before they can do any damage, both for rolling stock and signalling systems.

Perimeter 81

Though only established in 2018, Perimeter 81 has earned a reputation for creating intuitive, market-leading SASE solutions to benefit the modern workforce. With a mission to simplify the accessibility of applications, the cloud, and secure networks, its cutting-edge software ensures that legacy tools like VPNs and firewalls are replaced with a suite of solutions that provides much greater security to businesses.

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