The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Photos are one of the main ways to express feelings and show off something. Many companies, such as clothing, shoe brands, and other businesses, rely on good-quality photographs. They want images that will show their products to grow their business. People also need good photos to make their portfolios for acting and modeling. This is why it is important that you have a good tool for adding unique touches to your photos. The best free background remover online can help you edit your pictures in the most remarkable ways.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools

Why do we need to Remove Background from Images?

Getting the right aesthetics for the picture is very important. The app permits you to make the image more eye-capturing and pleasing. Furthermore, if the picture promotes a product, it is crucial that the product catches all the attention. You need to remove all the unnecessary things in the background. Here the online background remover comes into action and helps you make your picture better.

Best Free Online Photo Background Remover:

There are hundreds of apps and software that can help you edit the background. However, some are not effective, and some are not free. In this article, you will see the best online background removers for free .

 Part 1: TopMediai BG Eraser Online— The Easiest Way to Erase Image Background:

This is one of the best background removers online with the best features. It is free and works amazingly to remove everything in the background. TopMediai BG Eraser Online also makes the picture look very natural. The tool has so many unique features that will make the editing process more fun. The information below is everything you need to know about the TopMediai BG Eraser Online.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Following are some of the impressive qualities of this application.

· This application is straightforward to use. Even if you are a learner and don’t know about picture editing, you can still use this app. Just one single click and everything in the background is removed automatically.

· Not only this app aids in removing the background, but you can even remove watermarks through it.

· You can also add your watermarks to the pictures. Up to 100 photos can be edited in one.

· This app is also free and also helps you check the compatibility.

How to Remove the Background from the Image:

Follow the guide below to remove the background from your images using  TopMediai BG Eraser Online.

1. First, go to the website of TopMediai BG Eraser Online.

2. Click on Upload Image to import the image or drop a file from which you want to remove the background.

3. After successfully uploading the image, click on Remove Background button.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools

4. You can edit the result now, if you are not satisfied with the effect of the last step. Click on the Edit Button, then you will see the brush on the right side. Hit the Erase button. Now you can edit the image by dragging the brush. You can also adjust the brush size.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools

5. Now, you can download the image. The image background has been erased in a few seconds. Now click on the Download button to enjoy the image without background.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools

Part 2: Removal.AI:

Another innovative software that can assist you in removing the background is the Removal.AI. This app is also included in the best free online background remover. Removal.AI offers manual removal of the background, and you can also edit the photos. This app also offers paid subscriptions if you want to edit a massive number of images.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Mentioned below are a few of the attributes of the best online photo background remover.

· Removal.AI is easy to use.

· The tools are practical and work impressively to remove everything in the background.

· This app has API option to speed things up.


· This app does not disturb the resolution of the images.

· The software takes only 3 seconds to remove the background and make the new picture.

· The subscription packages of this app are also very affordable.


· If you want to polish or edit more than one picture, you need to download the Windows software.

Part 3: Fotor:

Another best remove background online application is called Fotor. This app helps you edit your photos without having expertise in photoshopping. Fotor is simple and effective tool will remove your background and give you a new picture.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Following are the features of the best background remover online free software.

· This is a fast-speed app that processes pictures quickly.

· It also allows you to control the pictures’ exposure, brightness, contrast, and other elements. You get other editing tools as well.

· This app is an all-in-one photo editing app, so you don’t have to go on different websites for different jobs.


· This app is straightforward and user-friendly.

· You can edit multiple files through it.

· Fotor has cool effects that you can use for editing.


· There are no new updates on this app. You will find the same old filter and effects again and again.

· If you download the software, it will take a lot of storage on your computers.

Part 4: ClippingMagic:

If you are trying to look for the best photo background remover online, clipping magic might be a good option. This application works on AI, hence giving the most outstanding results. This will remove anything from the background and make your picture look better.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Following are some of the features of this application.

· It has Smart Editor that allows the users to edit appropriately and precisely.

· You also get other options such as cropping, straightening the picture, and even brightening the image.

· It will enable you to remove the background of photos in bulk.


· This app automatically separates the hair from the clean backgrounds.

· Very easy to use and have a lot of features.


· People might face some issues uploading heavy files on this software.

Part 5: Icon8:

Icon8 Background Remover is also a fantastic background remover software. This app works on a web browser. You’ll need to upload the picture, and it will automatically remove the background. Here are no paid subscriptions required for this app.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Here are a few features because of which this app is one of the best free online photo background remover.

· This app is online, so you don’t need to download any software.

· Icon8 works on Artificial Intelligence. AI detects the pictures and eliminates the background itself.

· You also get a magnifying option, through which you can check the details of the photos.


· Works very fast to process; no more than 10-25 seconds are required to complete the process.

· This is a free tool, which makes it very convenient to use.


· The only con of this app is that you need to create an account if you want to edit more than three pictures for free.

Part 6: Background Burner:

Background Bruner is also among the top 10 best free background remover online. This is compatible with all kinds of computer software and works magically to remove the background.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Some of the qualities of this software are mentioned below.

· Allows the users to remove the background easily with the excellent and accessible tool.

· Free to use and also allows free downloading of photos.


· The best thing about this is that any person in the world can use it.


· Sometimes the software may lag and take extra time to process the images.

Part 7:

When you search for the best free online background remover apps, this one will surely be present in the list. This app creates transparent backgrounds for your images. You can also add some other unique features through this app.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


A few of the qualities of are as below.

· The remarkable features make the editing more fun and more manageable.

· This tool is designed to be compatible with all kinds of computer programs.

· is a professional website that works wonderfully for every person.


· You will get the results almost immediately when you are using this app.

· 100% free app with a myriad of new features.


· One of the biggest problems is that removing the minute details from the background is not easy. You won’t get spotless images at the end.

Part 8: GIMP:

GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to change the background of your images. This tool will help you with productivity and also allows you to customize your photos.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Below are the characteristics of this application.

· This is a cross-platform image editing software compatible with all kinds of devices.

· GIMP will allow you to edit the picture for free.

· It gives the users a chance to manipulate their photographs with high resolution.

· Fun graphic elements of this software enable the users to have complete artistic freedom.


· This app provides all the essential tools for editing and removing the background. This is a one-in-all application for picture editing.

· Very easy to learn and user-friendly.

· GIMP allows you to edit the picture in various formats.


· The worst thing about this app is that it cannot handle more than 8bit RGB of data.

· This app also contains third-party plugins.

Part 9: AutoClipping:

Autoclipping is also an amazing and the best background remover online free tool. This will automatically remove the background of your image. It also provides an artboard where you can drag your photo and edit it.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Following are some remarkable features of Autoclipping.

· Excellent editing tools for the users to make fun images.

· Depending on how many photos you want to edit, you’ll need to get subscription packages.

· This app also allows you to design banners, posters, and flyers.


· This app is perfect for people who are new at editing pictures.

· Cool and innovative tools for editing images.

· The packages are very pocket-friendly.


· This app only offers five free downloads. After that, you need to get a subscription.

Part 10: Photoscissors:

Another automatic background removing an application is Photoscissors. This software has some impressive results. You can easily change the background to transparent or even in a solid color.

The Top 10 Best Image Background Remover Online Tools


Following are the attributes of Photoscissors.

· This application is intended for e-commerce use, such as product photos.

· You will get high-quality pictures through this application.


· This works automatically; hence, no manual working is required to remove the background.

· Low-resolution images can be downloaded for free.


· You need to purchase subscriptions if you want to download high-quality images.


Changing the background of the images can be very important in some cases. For that, there are a lot of best free online background remover apps that you can find. A list of the top 10 apps is also mentioned above. The one online background eraser that stands out the most is the TopMediai BG Eraser Online. This tool is one of the best, most user-friendly, and free programs for background removal. So if you want good software, then have a try on TopMediai BG Eraser Online.

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