Sometimes it is necessary to keep yourself updated with all the things that are happening in the world. Since Instagram is now an integral part of the world, it only makes sense to keep updated with the best-performing Instagram pages. Thus, you could strategize what your next growth move on the platform would be (either heading over to the best place to buy Instagram followers or another). Speaking of the next move, you might want to buy Instagram likes. It’s one of the fastest ways to gather an audience.

The Top 5 Instagram Pages To Get Inspiration From

With that in mind, here are the top 5 Instagram pages to get inspiration from. Let’s get started.

Before we start

We want you to know that these 5 Instagram pages are apart from those Instagram accounts that come on the list of most famous Instagram accounts (the top of which is Christiano Ronaldo). So, with this out of the way, let’s get started for real this time.

1. Magnum Photos

Magnum photos have over 4.1m followers with quite a little following. The account belongs to Magnum Photos, an international photographic cooperative founded in the mid-1900s. The cooperate is owned by its photographer-members, and it aims to photograph significant events in history.

Indeed if you go check out the page on Instagram, the content style will be a lot different than what you are used to seeing in regular Instagram accounts. There are pictures of all kinds and ones that can be counted as historical too.

Their recent album ‘diary of a pandemic’ features photos that breathtakingly capture the pandemic of 2020. The photos are simply exquisite to look at, and once you start looking through the photos, it is tough to stop. It is unlike anything you have seen.

2. Cory Richards

Cory Richards (@coryrichards) is a national Geographic photographer and extreme mountain climber. His Instagram (with over 1 million followers) features an exquisite mix of the two.

His Instagram features exotic beauties of the mountain and nature captured through the lens of someone as skilled as him. You can feel the breeze of the snowy mountains blowing through your face simply by scrolling through his Instagram. But there are more than just photos of mountains;  there are photos of all kinds you must see.

3. Baddiewinkle

We all love our grandmas. But this grandma you are going to love the most. So much you are going to wish she was not your grandma, or else she would ‘steal your man’ as she puts it proudly.

On her Insta, you can see images of her riding a scooter in a dark pink bikini or putting on makeup like a drag queen. Her favorite thing to do by far is wearing shirts that say the most mundane of all the things like; be a sl*t or whatever you want, prickly bitch, baby girl, and everything in between.

One thing’s for sure, though, she manages to make 3 million-plus people laugh every day, and it is something admirable about her.

4. Thisoldshirt

If you are someone who doesn’t want to let go of a sweaty tee just because it holds so many memories, then you have found yourself the perfect Instagram account.

Although the account is still growing with over 28k followers (compared to all the others we described) as writing this, it is just to say how creative you can be on Instagram. The Instagrammer, being a collector, collects pictures of old vintage tees from all around the world and posts them. She also collects tees herself. So it’s a nice scroll through her account.

5. Mydaywithleo

Perhaps another fun Instagram accounts to scroll through if you are bored and want to look at something other than Netflix. Run by Joel Strong, a man who cuts out 2D pictures of famous people, holds them atop real people’s bodies on the street or in the park and photographs them.

While it is enjoyable to look at, it makes one think of the amount of work that goes on into making even a single one of these images. Yet, everything seems perfect synchrony, and even the disturbances like out of proportion hands and heads seem to be planned out.

So how can you become like one of these people?

It is relatively simple. You have to let your creativity take over your body and let it bloom in your soul. Don’t be shy about whatever your idea is. Then, put it out in the world, be consistent, wait for the engagement to boost up, buy Instagram likes if things do not work out, and see yourself grow in the coming years.