The Video Maker Awards: The Best and Worst Things We’ve Seen


In this digital world, you need video content if you want to elevate your brand. Even for personal use, video content remains king among all formats because it accords easy understanding. You can say everything you want in a short video and show the viewers exactly what you mean with moving images. Unlike blog articles that take a long time to read and pictures subject to misinterpretation, a video just works better overall. Most significantly, this creates the most engagements as people love videos. Thankfully, we can all use an Online Video Maker to edit and add effects to your clips.

Video Maker Awards

Technology makes it easy for anyone to be a video content creator. We don’t have to be film and audiovisual graduates with a free video maker to create stunning videos that make a great impression. Today, even newbies can use this digital solution to tell their own stories. With so many free video maker tools, we are all spoiled for choice. However, keep in mind that these tools are not made equally. If there is one thing we’ve learned using an online tool, you will find excellent software, but you can also be stuck with a terrible one. We’ll reveal the best and worst things we’ve personally encountered in our mini video maker awards right here.

The Worst of the Lot

Since we’ve been crafting videos for a while, we’ve tried the whole gamut of online video maker solutions. Unfortunately, some of them leave much to be desired. Let’s take a look at what some serious offenders have done that make us want to pull our hair out. Let’s get to it!

1. Imprinting the Dreaded Watermark

Sadly, some free video maker tools say they are free. Unfortunately, this comes with strings attached. It’s not entirely free as you need to use the software company watermark for all your videos. How sad is that? We find it frustrating because:

  • We don’t want any logos on our videos other than our brand.
  • Another company’s watermark will distract our viewers.
  • It’s just shady to say it’s free when it really isn’t!
  • False advertising is super irritating.

We’ve realized that these faux-free editors who force watermarks on our videos don’t offer genuine value. It’s just sad and frustrating because the word free becomes a marketing spin. There are only very few online video makers that allow you free use of their tools without a watermark. We suggest you scout around for these real gems!

2. Paying to Use Every Single Feature

Another gripe that has gotten on our nerves is paying for absolutely every feature. These video makers supposedly offer an “affordable” price, but this bargain offer has hidden charges. If you want to use effects, sorry, but you have to fork out more money. We find it infuriating that some don’t even offer free templates. It’s a huge waste of time. Free, in this regard, works as a misnomer.

3. Getting a Headache from the Interface

The biggest pet peeve that we hate is a disorganized dashboard. When a free video maker doesn’t offer a user-friendly interface, it’s useless. How can newbies, amateurs, and enthusiasts create stunning videos if the software has a steep learning curve? Moreover, some don’t allow on-the-go use. It’s inconvenient to be rooted to a desktop to add edits.

The Best of the Best

Fortunately, the pros far outweigh the negative aspects. We realize that though there are a few bad apples, there are still far too many excellent video makers that proffer convenience. Let’s take a look at all the benefits they offer users below.

  1. Saves Resources

Since an intense video has the power to keep your audience hooked on your content, you need a handy editor to add effects, transitions, and the like. With a free video maker, you can readily make that happen without wasting your resources. This tool allows you to create a stunning visual masterpiece without breaking the bank. It offers free to use, without watermarks.

Furthermore, since it is easy to use, you can forgo hiring a professional editor. You can also save your dough since you don’t have to pay for expensive software licenses. With a simple online tool, you can use your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone—no need to upgrade to a fancy computer or buy more memory.

2. Enjoy Ease of Use

With an online video editor, you no longer have to sweat bullets and stress over your projects. Back in the day, video editing can only happen with specialized equipment used by trained technicians. However, innovations make it easy for everyone to enjoy this craft, even without experience or skills.

Noteworthy, beneficial tools come with an easy-to-use dashboard that’s super organized. All the tools are laid out well, so you can just click what you need with a miss. Even kids can use it! As a result, you save your time, effort, and energy, allowing you to focus on other endeavors.

3. Provide Beautiful Customization Features

Above all, your free video maker allows you to customize your work, giving it your mark. Allow your personality to shine through with effects that give your video projects authenticity. You can add the following easily:

  • Include relevant clips
  • Choose cool pics
  • Incorporate musical scoring
  • Add sound effects
  • Provide seamless transitions
  • Utilize animation
  • Use voice-over narratives
  • Put some texts

Final Wrap Up

By choosing the right video maker, you can create a stunning work of art the garners a lot of attention and engagement. Choose to work with a tool that offers the best qualities. Don’t waste your time on substandard video editors that make your life difficult by charging an arm and a leg for every effect you want to add. With proper discernment, you can pick an arsenal of tools that make video creation and editing a breeze. Best of all, your final output will always look pristine, polished, and professional because your digital solution has everything.

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