The Zadarma App – Separate your personal and work calls, but always stay in touch with your clients

When it comes to business, customer service is king, and when it comes to customer service, the Zadarma app allows you to rule your kingdom.

It is commonly said that the world is now smaller than it has ever been. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can be in two places at once. But thanks to Zadarma, there is finally a solution to this problem. Just like technology, the world of business is constantly evolving, and in order to keep up with the rapid change, businessmen and women need to be able to keep up to date on the latest developments to stay one step ahead of the crowd.

In the majority of industries, technological advancements meant a change in how we relate to voice and text communications. You would have to be under a rock in order not to notice the increase in text communication over the last two decades, however, saying that, you would also have be extremely naive to underestimate the value of voice communication when it comes to conducting business in a professional and personal manner. People don’t just invest in products and brands, they invest in people. The art of business consists of much more than simply crunching numbers and spreadsheets, it involves passion and human emotion. Text communication has its time and place, but it can often create a distance between the two parties. If an issue is urgent, if it is truly important, you want to be able communicate verbally, and you want it to be reliable.

The Zadarma App – Separate your personal and work calls, but always stay in touch with your clients

In today’s fast paced world, clients expect you to be available immediately. The Zadarma app allows you to do this the right way, with seamless voice communication. When it comes to providing professional customer service, it is the fastest and easiest medium to convey exactly what and how you are feeling. Every business needs to have active communication over the phone and the hosted PBX system means you’ll never miss a single client’s call again. The app allows you to use your personal number or a local number in any of 100 countries. It provides you with the ability to use one device for both a personal and business number. Work calls will be clearly marked, allowing you to instantly know who is contacting you and why. It even allows you to set up your personal work hours, so you will not be bothered when resting or enjoying some well-earned downtime.

With the integrated smart push notification system, calls will always be coming in. This means that any incoming call will “wake up” the app, even when it is not running in the background, so there is no need to waste battery on default connection. It also rules out the possibility of missing an important business call if you forget to turn on the app. The Zadarma app iOS system is user friendly and available for your mobile device, office phone, tablet and computer. We are living in a global village, a single community connected by telecommunications, so move with the times, don’t limit yourself or your business to a single geographical location. The Zadarma app guarantees high quality connection, in more ways than one.

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