The present generation is a “technology geek”. Obsessed with the new and innovative technology, we have become tech-dependent. The main motive behind inventions in technology and discoveries was to reduce human effort by assisting us with complex issues. However, the adverse effects on our children’s generation would not go unnoticed.

TheWiSpy Advanced Monitoring Experience - Updated Review

Vast arrays of apps are released every day, with features that can captivate teenagers and youngsters. And TheWiSpy is one of the best phone tracking apps among them. Its updating functions and new features make the advanced monitoring experience exceptional.

TheWiSpy-who is it for?

TheWiSpy is hands down incredible and powerful parental control software in the market. It is reliable, highly stable, offer excellent quality output, and contain affordable plans. The in-depth monitoring of TheWiSpy makes it an exceptional spy app. The question is who uses it and what for? We’ll answer these basic questions. Three primary target audiences use TheWiSpy App for a legal and reasonable purpose.

Child monitoring

Around 90% of people use mobile phones and the internet at this age, and 40-50% are youngsters. The increase in cybercrimes has scared parents to their core and forced them to adopt parental monitoring like using TheWiSpy parental control software. Children aren’t safe on social media platforms and can’t be trusted around the internet. That’s why parents use spy apps to monitor and control their digital activity.

Employee monitoring

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses started working from home. That led employers to monitor employees from a distance, and that didn’t go well. The appropriate solution was to get an employee monitoring app that can do the work for you. As a result, employers can now keep close tabs on workers even when they’re away. 

Android phone monitoring

TheWiSpy can be used to track android devices that are either lost or people who want to keep backup for their phones. You can install the software on your phone, and in case of stealth or loss, you can back up your entire data onto the Dashboard without any trouble.

TheWiSpy- how does it work?

TheWiSpy android spy app functions just like another device tracker and can track almost every Android model. Once you’ve signed up for your account, you can install TheWiSpy application on the target device. Because it is a TWS phone tracker that runs in hidden mode, another person won’t detect its existence.

TheWiSpy android monitoring app would be on background mode, gathering the essential details of users and then uploading details to its servers. Later, you can log in to your TWS account at any time to see this information from a distance.

TheWiSpy- Set up and installation

You need to know how to install and set up TheWiSpy if you want to monitor without distortion. We have a simple procedure that you must follow and get the job done rightly.


TheWiSpy has three price plans, and you have to subscribe to one of them to get access to the software. So provide your credit card information and get yourself a TheWiSpy subscription.  However, you must create an account for purchasing the software beforehand.


You get a customized URL that you can use to install the spyware. For that, open your web browser on the phone you want to spy and then use the download link to get the software installed. The best part of this mobile tracker is that it doesn’t require much time to install, so you’ll have to wait for a few minutes.


Once the installation is done, you can open the app to provide the necessary permissions and activate the incognito mode. It will make TWS invisible to the mobile phone user, and you can monitor secretly.


Now you will open the Dashboard on your device and start monitoring remotely through your screen.

TheWiSpy- Features review

Basic features

·       Call log monitoring:

It lets you discreetly monitor the conversation of your target phone. You can listen to calls in progress and access call logs. In addition, it can tape audios of conversations of ongoing calls on the target phone. The phone tracking app lets you record all conversations recorded on it or only those with specific contacts. If you want to listen, sign in to the app and then select an option to record a call from the Dashboard of TheWiSpy.

·       SMS monitoring:

You can track SMS sent or received on the phone using a cell phone tracker. The texts aren’t limited to just the default app, but you can also monitor chats of all social media applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp, etc.

·       GPS tracking:

Once you install TWS on the phone, you can track the live location of your child remotely. It takes a few seconds or minutes to detect where your kids are, and you can find out the history of sites they’ve been to the whole day.

·       Geofencing:

Geofencing is a highly valued feature in monitoring a phone. You can block certain restricted areas with the help of Google Maps and set the boundaries for kids or employees. The alert feature in this parental control software sends a message or email to the user’s phone to know when kids cross the boundaries.

·       Microphone surrounding:

Record the surrounding of your target phone using TheWiSpy. You will have access to the microphone of the phone so that you can record the audio easily. Then, you can listen to it on the Dashboard using your login details.

·       Call and voice message recording:

TheWiSpy offers call and voice message recording that works the same way as to surround recording. Your android spy app has access to the microphone that lets you record anything without disturbing the ongoing activity.

·       Spy camera:

You can capture pictures of live events through your target’s camera. It may seem impossible to you, but with TheWiSpy advanced monitoring features, you can do that. The app clicks the photos and uploads them on the portal, and you can watch it from there.

New and updated features

TheWiSpy cell phone tracker app is constantly working to provide the best monitoring experience to its users. That’s why we have brought the new and updated features of the best android monitoring app. It allows you to deal with the advanced technology phones and social media apps that were once impossible to track. So, you can live a stress-free life knowing everything happening on your kid’s digital and online life.

Social media monitoring:

There are unlimited social media applications that kids are addicted to, and parents cannot know what they are doing all day. So, we are here to help you dig deep with the help you understand these following features.

·       WhatsApp spy:

WhatsApp is the preferred option for a lot of people due to its security. It is, however, not an ideal choice to spy software. TheWiSpy application retrieves all the details of conversations that are initiated on WhatsApp. In addition, the user’s Dashboard lets you see the dates of each message you send or receive.

It shows the contact number and the name of the other party when it is saved in the phonebook. The app allows you to look up the contents of messages and other attached files such as audio and video. It also comes with keyword search capabilities for messages. The Dashboard of the user also stores deleted chats and messages.

·       Snapchat spy:

Snapchat lets you share photos and has fueled craze of social media among younger generation. The TWS software lets parents examine the dates and times of the specific message or image uploaded by the target’s account. In addition, the stats of every chat are listed on the Dashboard of the user. The spying program gives users the ability to view and download all kinds of attachments on Snapchat. Chat messages that are deleted are immediately saved to TheWiSpy, the user’s Dashboard.

·       Facebook spy:

The most popular as well as addictive social media site! The TWS Dashboard for users lets you view the dates and a time of each message target sends or receives. This application for tracking Facebook messages displays details about both the sender and receiver.

The entire information about the feed of the target or friends list and shared multimedia documents can be easily viewed via the user dashboard. For example, if a host erases a message or chats off his phone, that detail will be accessible through the Dashboard.

·       Instagram spy:

Instagram is a photo-sharing and story-setting social media application that has created many buzzes over the past few years. The dazzling visual user interface has grown into an obsession among young people. It can also be tracked using TheWiSpy cell phone tracker. The software that tracks communications records the precise day and date of the message.

The contents of every message are accessible. The parents can access live feed and download all images from Instagram and videos posted to Instagram’s social network. In addition, you can block certain accounts to avoid predators approaching your kids.

·       Gmail spy:

Employee monitoring software must have a Gmail spy feature. The reason is to check daily email exchanges among employees and outsiders. You can identify the deceiver sharing private company information with enemies through this access. In addition, TheWiSpy allows you to download attached files or view them remotely whenever you feel like it.

·       Viber spy:

Viber is a safe and quick messaging and calling app that is gaining attention across the globe. With TheWiSpy mobile tracker, it is possible to monitor the activities of online users through Viber. For instance, you can view text messages using this app.

If your target lost messages, you could retrieve the messages with TheWiSpy. The android spying application provides thorough reports each day to ensure that parents can monitor their children. Additionally, it could aid in reducing the overuse of children’s use of Viber.

Web browser history control:

A web browser is a home to thousands of web sites that contains all sort of content. You will find educational data, entertainment content, and at the same time, unethical content. It’s a nightmare for parents to know that their kids are accessing such inappropriate data behind their backs.

It can be addictive and harm their life in the long run. You can monitor their browsed history through TheWiSpy spy app for android. It lets you view saved cookies, downloaded files, timestamps, and more.  

TheWiSpy pricing

TheWiSpy Advanced Monitoring Experience – Updated Review

TheWiSpy offer three price plans for android monitoring, and these are incredibly affordable to get. Not everyone has the same reason to monitor, and that’s why the TWS team offer choices. You can get a basic, premium or platinum plan with different periods. You must know that each package contains a different set of features, so study before you purchase one.

Basic plan:

The basic plan is suitable for general monitoring, where you’ll get features like call monitoring, SMS monitoring, GPS tracking, etc. You can get this plan for $19.99 for a month. However, if you feel like you need it for a longer run, you can subscribe for three months for $29.99 or six-month for $49.99.

Premium plan:

The premium plan includes remote features within the basic ones. You can get remotely change files or record something through this plan’s subscription. Such as, you’ll get surround recording, camera spy, and other remote commands. You can get it for one month for $29.99, three months at $49.99, and for six months is $79.99.

Platinum plan:

The platinum plan is a brand new plan that offers exceptional services within affordable pricing. You will get the old features and the updated ones for example, social media monitoring, web browser control, etc. Again you can get it in one, three, and six-month periods for $49.99, $79.99, and $119.99.

TheWiSpy customer support

TheWiSpy application support has earned the app a top spot in the industry, and with good reason. If you encounter any difficulties, TheWiSpy offers live chat assistance all hours of the day, all week long. The support team is competent and friendly and responds promptly.

Additionally, the vendor also provides users access to the vast knowledge database available via its site. It contains step-by-step instructions along with answers and solutions to the most common problems.


Is TheWiSpy any good?

TheWiSpy is an excellent smartphone and tablet tracking app. Our TheWiSpy review has shown that it has highly accurate spying functions and lets you track the activity of your device remotely.

Is TheWiSpy detectable?

After the app is installed on the phone, you want to monitor, it is possible to erase it immediately. Furthermore, it is completely unnoticeable, meaning you can monitor everything you like without the owner knowing.

Which is better, TheWiSpy or mSpy?

It all relies on the functions you’re wanting for in a spy application. Both have the typical tracking capabilities that the majority of spyware applications provide. However, they have distinct features as well. For instance, mSpy offers website blocking as well as TheWiSpy allows recording calls and web tracking.

We’ve also read numerous mSpy and TheWiSpy reviews, but many users prefer TheWiSpy.

Final verdict

There are many things to admire about TheWiSpy, but the most fantastic thing is that it works hard to provide the best monitoring services. With an already feature-rich app, you can now get updated functions to make your monitoring experience top-notch. For example, you can remotely track all stored data and online activity through your device’s screen.

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