TheWiSpy Review: Android Spy App to Monitor Mobile Phone

TheWiSpy is an Android spy app that helps parents check cell phones and tablets of their teens with remote access. Not only this, TheWiSpy offers corporate solutions to enable business managers to look into the work phones of employees remotely and secretly.

Ever wondered what your child or partner is doing on their cell phones for hours?

TheWiSpy Review: Android Spy App to Monitor Mobile Phone

Or, you find your team member using mobile phones during duty hours and want a solution for that?

TheWiSpy is a leading brand in the spy app market to launch an Android spy app for monitoring cell phones and tablets, remotely. It is a non-intrusive spyware program that allows the end-user to spy on Android phones from a distant location. Yes, you don’t have to pick your target device anytime you want to check something. Instead, you can install TheWiSpy app and monitor digital activities remotely.

Take a look at our TheWiSpy app review and find interesting details about the best Android spy app in the global spyware industry.

Let’s get started.

TheWiSpy App – What Is It For?

TheWiSpy app is a monitoring app for Android devices. The app, once installed, records all the cyber activities of the target device and sends the end-user instant updates on the live mobile or tablet activities in real-time. TheWiSpy offers tools to record phone calls, GPS location, text messages, and other information from any Android device. It fetches digital input and allows you to monitor cell phones and tablets without even touching the target device.

The thing that makes TheWiSpy unique from other spy apps for android is that it provides advanced features at very minimum prices. In contrast, its competitive spyware apps are pretty expensive.

TheWiSpy Working & Functionality:

You must wonder how spyware can help you protect your kid or catch a cheating employee/partner? Well, it is a pretty simple game. Similar to other mobile apps, TheWiSpy needs to be installed on the target device. But, instead of installing TheWiSpy android spy app from PlayStore, you have to get its license from its official website. Being a cell phone tracker app, TheWiSpy secretly engages with the device’s operating system on which it is installed. It keeps the end-user notified about the cyber and physical activities of the target device.

Here are the easy steps involved in the TWS app installation:


Visit the official TWS website Click on the “buy now” button. Choose a subscription from the given packages and buy for your license.


From the email received upon registration, copy the download URL of the TWS app. Open the link on the mobile browser of your target device and download the app. Then, install the spyware by allowing the specific permissions asked by the Android spyware program.

P.S. In this step, you are required to hold the phone or tablet you wish to monitor and install the TWS app on it physically.


Now, go to the TWS app dashboard Enter your TWS registered email and password and open the control panel. From here, you can monitor your Android target phone/tablet and control its functions remotely.

TheWiSpy is a hidden spy app for Android; it can record digital details by staying in stealth mode. The target user can never notice TheWiSpy spyware functioning in the background.

Who Needs TheWiSpy App and Why?

We all are exposed to digital devices. Cell phones, in addition with internet connection, can be a colossal yet noxious fusion.

Do you know how?

90% of the world population use smartphones to use the internet. And, there are 4.28 billion mobile internet users globally. When it comes to screen time, people spend three-hours and fifteen-minutes on their smart devices daily, on the whole.

What is on the internet keeps us so busy?

A person can go online for several reasons: searching for something, chatting, or watching a movie or drama serial.

The Internet itself is not a threat, but the hazardous content it contains can directly or indirectly affect us in negative ways. For instance, your child can befriend an online sexual predator without knowing his true filthy intentions. Your team member could engage with your competitors online and leak all your business confidential details. Or, your spouse/partner can meet someone online and start cheating on you.

Thus, TheWiSpy app can serve the following purposes;

  • Kids’ Monitoring
  • Employee Surveillance
  • Parental Controls
  • Mobile Tracking

TheWiSpy is a versatile app that anyone can use to restrict or control the mobile phone activities of their kids, employees, or partners.

TheWiSpy Features – Premium Feature List:

If you don’t know how to spy on Android phones and are looking for a handy solution, you must get TheWiSpy app. It offers compelling Android spying features to allow you to hack Android devices without attempting any technical tactics. TheWiSpy is a ready-made app to track Android phones and tablets.

In the following section, we are going to explain TheWiSpy features in detail. So, continue reading to find what the TWS app can do for you.

Call Recording:

TheWiSpy Review: Android Spy App to Monitor Mobile Phone

Do you want to listen to someone’s phone calls?

If yes, then you can blindly trust TheWiSpy app. Phone call recording was once considered an out of reach activity. It was only allowed for law enforcement agencies to tape and listen to calls of the suspect. But now, anyone can record phone calls with Android spy apps like TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy call recording feature can tape all the calls dialled or received by your target device. It gives you call history and contact information details in real-time. Moreover, you can hear the tapped phone calls remotely through an online dashboard. How amazing is that?

Surround Recording:

TheWiSpy Review: Android Spy App to Monitor Mobile Phone

Suppose you want to know your child’s friends’ circle or the surrounding environment of your employees. In that case, you must use an app that can record cell phone surroundings efficiently. TheWiSpy app is a hidden spy app for Android that gives the end-user remote access to control the target device’s microphone. Being the end-user, you can activate the mic of the target phone or tablet and record the surrounding voices and noises. TheWiSpy app uploads the tapped audio files on the cloud server from where you can listen to the ambient sounds surrounding your target device. This feature is best for kids’ monitoring and work phone surveillance.

GPS Tracking:

TheWiSpy Review: Android Spy App to Monitor Mobile Phone

GPS tracking is not limited to automobiles; you can track an individual through his cell phone as well. Mobile phone tracking apps like TheWiSpy use the GPS of the cell phones and track down the whereabouts of the target person in real-time. TheWiSpy app lets you trace the location history and active pinpoints remotely. So, no matter where you are right now, you can always know your kid’s or employee’s whereabouts with TheWiSpy app. You can also monitor the dates and timestamps of your recorded locations.

Text Message Monitoring:

TheWiSpy Review: Android Spy App to Monitor Mobile Phone

Text messages are the most convenient approach to communicate with someone. Kids do spend a lot of time texting, and that is what worries parents the most. On the other side, employees texting during work hours decrease their productivity and creates an ill repute. To keep things in line, parents or employers must track the text messages of their kids and staff members, respectively. TheWiSpy, being an Android tracker app, tracks SMS and other text conversations secretly. It sends the imitated text message to TheWiSpy control panel and lets you know about the ongoing text activities via instant notification alerts. Moreover, TheWiSpy provides its users with complete text messages history, including; contact details, dates, and timestamps. You can even monitor the deleted text chats.

Screen Recording:

It is challenging for parents to keep guessing what their children are doing on cellular devices. For employers, too much screen time of employees can get businesses in trouble. So, what one must do in such a case?

Monitor screen activities!

TheWiSpy app is incomplete without this outstanding feature. Screen recording is an elite feature of TheWiSpy Android spyware.

It tapes the screen activities without letting the target user know. Be it ongoing text chats, social media activities, or other phone tasks, TheWiSpy app can record everything. It allows you to monitor the screens of your target device remotely.


Do you know what the best mobile spy app offers? Geofencing, of course!

Geofencing is an advanced feature that helps parents or employers restrict geo-zones using mobile electronic maps. While using TheWiSpy app, you can secretly mark safe and unsafe localities. Every time your target user enters the restricted zone, TheWiSpy will instantly notify you. Parents can use geofencing to keep their kids away from red zones such as bars, pubs, and other wrong places. Similarly, employers can set the office as an allowed zone and check if their employees are at the office during their shifts or not.


Kids can search anything on a search engine, even bad content. Curiosity killed the cat is a well-known proverb, and we can now see how. Kids can search porn or other destructive content out of curiosity. Due to this reason, parents must monitor their kids’ online presence and their internet affairs. Keylogger is a feature that records all the keystrokes typed on the phone or tablet you wish to monitor. TheWiSpy keylogger actively records the typed queries, text messages, and other keystrokes made on your target device. You can monitor every single keystroke and track your target user’s cyber activities remotely.

Camera Spying:

Spy cameras are a bit different from surveillance cameras. Spycams are hidden and are used to record someone’s activities secretly. Now, you can transform the mobile camera into a hidden spy cam. TheWiSpy app turns the front and back camera of you target device into a spy cam and records the surrounding without letting the target user know. The end-user can control the camera activities and take photos or record videos with remote commands. All the recorded files can be accessed through TheWiSpy control panel.

Other Features:

TheWiSpy is the best mobile spy app; it offers top-notch spying features, including; app monitoring, email tracking, multimedia monitoring, and many others. Being a hidden spy app for Android, the TWS offers diverse workforce monitoring and parental control tools to spy on cell phones/tablets in real-time.

TheWiSpy Vs Top Android Spy App Competitors:

TheWiSpy stands out as the best mobile spy app. It certainly has competitor apps that offer similar functionality as TheWiSpy. Among the most used cell phone tracker apps, XnSpy and mSpy compete with TheWiSpy in the online market.

In this section of the article, we will compare TheWiSpy app with its top competitors and see what makes TheWiSpy different from another spyware.

. TheWiSpy V/S XnSpy:

XnSpy is indeed a leading cell phone spy app out there. Do you know some hidden secrets about XnSpy app?

Well, here are some of the features of XnSpy compared with TheWiSpy that will make you shocked.

  • There are many features on the XnSpy website that the app doesn’t even offer. Viber monitoring, for instance, there is a whole page of it, but the service provider does not provide it. TheWiSpy app, in comparison, mentions features on its website that are available in real-time.
  • XnSpy is quite expensive, whereas TheWiSpy is available at only $9.99.
  • XnSpy does not offer remote camera spy while TheWiSpy does offer such a feature.

Perhaps, XnSpy is a versatile app and offers many compelling spying features. But, while buying its subscription, make sure that this app provides the spying tool you require.

. TheWiSpy V/S mSpy:

mSpy is a parental control app that has a very restricted features list. It is a top-rated parental control app, but still, there are some limitations.

Here is the mSpy and TheWiSpy comparison:

  • Using the mSpy app, you can only monitor the call details of your target device. While, with TheWiSpy app, you can record the incoming and outgoing calls and listen to the tapped audio files in real-time.
  • mSpy comes at a pretty high price; TheWiSpy is very affordable.
  • Advanced features like surround recording and camera spy are not offered by mSpy. TheWiSpy delivers all the advanced features.

Although the app is quite good if you want to monitor the basic mobile activities of your children. However, there is always the best fit for kids’ monitoring, which is TheWiSpy.

Frequently Asked Questions – TheWiSpy:

Is TheWiSpy Better than mSpy?

TheWiSpy is a more versatile parental monitoring app. It offers advanced features like camera spy and microphone spy to enable parents to monitor their kids more effectively. So, yes, TheWiSpy is better than mSpy.

How Can I Read Text Messages of My Daughter?

Install TheWiSpy app on your daughter’s phone. You can read text chats of your child’s phone in real-time with TheWiSpy app.

Can I Track the GPS Location of My Son?

Indeed. Just get TheWiSpy cell phone tracking app, and it will provide you with the complete location details of your son. TheWiSpy records real-time location and alerts the end-user about the whereabouts of the target user.

How to Check If Your Teen is Watching Porn?

TheWiSpy screen recording is the solution. It lets you record your teen’s screen so that you can discover if he or she watches porn if you are not around.

Can I View Frequent Callers of My Child’s Device with TheWiSpy App?

Yes, TheWiSpy app records the call details and provides extensive reporting on call history. It lets you monitor frequent callers, contact information, call duration, dates, and timestamps.

TheWiSpy Best Android Spy App – Concluding Lines:

Times are long gone when we had to hire a private detective to fetch information about a person. Now, we can do it by staying at home with the help of the best Android spy app TheWiSpy. As compared to other mobile tracker apps, TheWiSpy excels in providing high-end features and functionality.

If you are new to technology and do not know how to spy on Android phones, try TheWiSpy to help you with remote monitoring with just a few clicks.