Things To Consider When Buying A Second-Hand Iphone

iPhone is one of the most demandable smartphones nowadays, with high price tags. That’s why those who are tight on budget can’t afford the cost of a new iPhone, which leads them to purchase second-hand ones.

When it comes to purchasing second-hand iPhones, most people don’t know what to consider. For that reason, they choose the faulty used iPhone, which comes with different risks, especially if the device is stolen.

Things To Consider When Buying A Second-Hand Iphone

Additionally, the iPhone can be damaged or locked by the original owner, making you unable to use it. In that case, considering some factors, such as whether the phone is refurbished or used, having any passcode or iCloud lock, etc., will help you purchase a reliable second-hand iPhone.

If you like to explore all these considerable things in detail, keep reading the entire context.

Things To Consider When Buying A Second-Hand iPhone

Purchasing a second-hand iPhone is not so difficult, but it requires considering some important factors. For your convenience, here we have talked about some significant things to consider when buying a second-hand iPhone. These will help you find the best iPhone.

Is It Refurbished Or Used?

The first thing you have to consider is whether your chosen iPhone is refurbished or used. This is because used iPhones are not the same as refurbished iPhones.

Refurbished iPhones are usually pre-owned phones that may be returned to the manufacturer due to defects. The manufacturer then fixes the returned iPhones’ defects and tests if the phones function properly. The phone is then resold on the market at a reduced price.

On the other hand, used iPhones mean pre-owned phones from the previous owner instead of any manufacturer. Previous owners can sell the phone on different marketplaces, on their own, or through an intermediary website.

Compared to used iPhones, it is better to purchase a refurbished phone if you purchase it from any authentic shop. This is because used iPhones can be stolen and have different hidden damage that is difficult to check with the naked eye.

What Accessories Does It Come With?

What accessories you will get with second-hand iPhones completely depends on the sellers. If you purchase a refurbished phone from any local shop instead of the Apple store, you will only get a charger with the phone.

On the other hand, the phone will come with all the accessories that a new iPhone comes with if you purchase it from an Apple Store. Unlikely, it can’t assume what accessories will come if you buy a second-hand phone from any pre-owner.

With a used phone, you might only get a charger. However, it can’t be ensured whether the charger is a genuine Apple charger or not.

In most cases, iPhone owners don’t want to give the original accessories with the iPhone when selling. So, you should check what accessories come with your chosen second-hand iPhone and their genuineness.

Did The Previous Seller Erase Data?

Obviously, the seller may erase the phone’s data to make it ready for sale and brand new. If that happens, you will see a “Hello” or “Swipe to Being” message on the screen whenever you power up the iPhone.

If the seller doesn’t erase this personal data, you will get the seller’s photos, videos, and other files on the iPhone. In that case, you have to ask the seller to delete his data from the iPhone.

You can also format the iPhone by simply following the steps: Settings> General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings. At this stage, you will require the seller’s Apple ID and password to factory reset the iPhone.

The good thing is that refurbished iPhones come with a factory reset which means you don’t require anyone’s Apple ID and password. You can set your own Apple ID and password by creating a new account or accessing the existing one.

Personal Data

When purchasing a second-hand iPhone, you should collect all the personal information of the seller. This information will help you contact the seller if something goes wrong with your purchased iPhone.

In that case, you can note down the seller’s name, address, and contact information, such as email address, physical address, phone number, or other contact numbers. Additionally, it is also better to keep proof of the payment in which you pay the phone price to the seller.

However, don’t forget to ask for the Apple account information if the phone has not been factory reset. Otherwise, you can’t gain access to full control over the phone as well as factory reset the device.

In that case, you can ask for the Apple ID logged in to the phone and related account details such as email address, age, and liked phone number. Keeping this information will help you delete the Apple ID from the iPhone completely so you can log in with a new account.


Whenever you turn on a second-hand iPhone, it could be locked through a passcode by the seller. Unless you enter the right passcode, you can’t access the device.

If you find something like that, you have to ask the seller to unlock the iPhone and remove the passcode. However, the phone is probably stolen if you see “iPhone Locked To Owner” on the screen after switching the iPhone on.

In that case, you can ask the seller to unlock the phone by providing the necessary information. If the seller can’t unlock the iPhone, you can confirm the phone is stolen. If something happens to you, it is better not to buy the iPhone because this can lead you to deal with legal issues.

iCloud Activation Lock

Some second-hand phones might have the so-called “iPhone Locked to Owner” message also known as iCloud Lock. You will need to ask the seller to remove the iCloud Activation lock or use an iCloud Unlock Service. This lock actually helps users protect their iPhones.

You can’t access or use the iPhone if the lock is activated. If the device is not stolen, the seller can easily unlock the iCloud with the proper information. If the seller didn’t unlock the lock, you can take the help of the unlock service.


So, you now have a good idea of what things you will need to consider when buying a second-hand iPhone, after reading the context. It can be difficult sometimes to afford a new iPhone, especially if your budget is limited.

In such situations, you may prefer buying a second-hand iPhone, but you can be deceived if you don’t consider the things discussed above.

Considering these points mentioned above while purchasing a second-hand iPhone will help you choose a reliable device that makes your purchase worthwhile.