This Microphone Was Invented Just For Mic Dropping

Have you ever wanted to do a mic drop so bad that you’re looking for that perfect moment (and saving enough money for such an expensive act) every chance you get?

Well, save no more because there’s a mic that was specifically made to be dropped.

Drop The Mic

Craft your best comeback, speech or final word and end it all with a drop of the mic. Why? Because after you deliver your monologue, there’s just nothing more to say!

Drop The Mic Microphone lets you be the boss any day you like without having to cough up money every time you do a mic drop.

Why You’d Want It

Drop It Like A Pro

The mic drop has been around since the early 80s, but it’s only now that it’s become a global phenomenon. Everyone, from rappers to celebrities and even the former U.S. president has done it, so why can’t you?

Mic Dropping Fun Anytime, Anywhere

Do it in school, the office or at home. Think of an irrefutable statement and deliver it on parties, on your friend’s wedding or on your speech. The Mic Drop Microphone works great on events and for promotional purposes.

The Perfect Gift

Have a fast-talking friend, relative or co-worker who always seems to come up with succinct remarks and the last word? Gift them the Mic Drop and they’ll be sure to appreciate it.

Designed Specifically For Mic Dropping

The mic is made from high quality, durable, heavy-duty steel material that can take a beating. You can drop it without having it shatter on the floor. Keep in mind that the product isn’t intended for high drops on hard surfaces.

How To Use

The microphone records your “burn” statement and plays it back.

All you have to do is-

HOLD. Press your finger on the record button.

SPEAK. Say your game-ending phrase or remark. The mic can record audio on up to 15 seconds at a time.

DROP. Drop it and let the device play your recording for that mic-dropping moment!