Limited screen time and improved sleep were related to the strongest links to improved noesis, whereas physical activity, is also additional important for physical health.

Timeout IQ

However, just one in twenty North American country kids aged between 8-11 years meet the three recommendations suggested by the Canadian 24-hour Movement Guidelines to confirm sensible psychological feature development – Sept. 11 hours of sleep, less than 2 hours of recreational screen time, associated a minimum of an hour ofphysical activity each day.

TimeoutIQ, an associate AI-powered App brings a good answer for this major concern.

TimeoutIQ is that the world’s 1st app that empowers folks to manage their kid’s screen time, keep their minds sharp and improve psychological feature development in their most youth. It offers parental management and private education tutoring in one single app. 

According to Active Healthy youngsters North American country, solely V-day of preschoolers met current Canadian Sedentary Behaviour pointers for the First Years. kids between three to five years pay an average of 2 hours per day before screens. folks area unit counselled to limit screen time to but one hour per day.

Over fifty-three kids within us own a smartphone at associate early age. the utilization of mobile media among kids between a pair of to five years old has increased from thirty-ninth to eightieth. The numbers area unit surprising, and also the answer is to limit screen time. 

Anya Kamenetz, the author of The Art of Screen Time: however Your Family will Balance Digital Media and the world believe that the sole answer to the present downside is to speak concerning screen time. She suggests folks decide wherever, when, and the way they’re going to use mobile devices.

She recommends limiting screen time to but an associate hour. whereas researchers lobby for additional funding and clinicians attempt to offer a higher recommendation, the simplest we will do as folks right now is share data, stay up for danger signs, and trust enduring values,” says Anya through her book.

TimeoutIQ uses its sturdy AI technology to assist folks to manage their kid’s recreation screen time and building enduring values. It conjointly empowers folks to search out out what kids watch on their mobile devices and trace their location. folks will modify the number of screen time supported their children’s habits. they will simply set daily limits.

Allowing your youngsters to travel where they need to travel causes you to be a good parent. But whatmakes you a sensible parent is often knowing wherever they are extremely area unit. TimeoutIQ makes it extremely straightforward to observe your child’s location. It offers you the associate choice to activate location tracking on your child’s device. This feature conjointly helps once youngsters lose their phone or forget where they unbroken it last. 

Only watching and pursuit your youngsters isn’t enough. Education is what truly distinguishes TimeoutIQ and makes it an essential app for each parent. TimeoutIQ offers an associate interactive STEM-based K-8 programme. It permits folks to customise the educational programme supported by the grades. TimeoutIQ’s programme is meant by extremely qualified educators and focuses on Maths, Science, Geography, Technology, and English. 

It is critically vital to trace the strengths and weaknesses of kids. Sometimes, parents experience problems in doing that, however, TimeoutIQ’s AI-powered technology emerges as a comprehensive answer. It learns responses and tracks strengths and weaknesses within the subject matter and mechanically adjusts the extent of queries. 

Shawn Desouza, the founding father of TimeoutIQ, has associate expertise of over fifteen years in Marketing, Operations, and Technology. He worked as a superior Director and iniquity President at software system firms like Eloqua. dancer has helped Eloqua’s revenue jump from $3 Million to $40 Million in four years. 

Shawn noticed that folks are toggling between apps to manage screen time and get high-quality education for his or her kids. He wished to fill the gap and find out a brand new market within the mobile app landscape. He set to develop an associate all-in-one answers for mobile education and parental management. 

TimeoutIQ permits folks to observe the app and find elaborated insights. they will quickly check the reports on the quantity} of your time and number of queries answered. folks will also value more highly to reward kids with a bonus screen time for his or her performance. They can conveniently set quantity|the quantity} of answers to induce right and also the amount of bonus time.

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