Tips For Boosting Your Instagram Account In 2021

If you are one of those Instagram users who dream of having a huge followers base but only has a few hundred followers, then it’s time to develop a clear plan for Insta marketing. You need to level up your game and boost Instagram followers. You have to work on several aspects like gaining attention from your target audience, engaging your users, working on building trust, and so on. By the way, if you want to get more followers but don’t know where to start – find out here!

Let’s dive into marketing and learn how to boost your Instagram Account in 2021.

Tips For Boosting Your Instagram Account In 2021

Choose a business profile

The first step to boost your follower list is to have a business account. A business profile is open to all and not just your follower list. This means that users won’t need to follow you to view your contents. So, starting a business account will help you convince the target audience rather than compelling them to follow you.

Optimize your Instagram account

Starting from choosing a nice, high-quality profile image to writing an appealing bio that makes sense. You need to pay attention to every detail from bio and image to username to profile link, hashtags and story highlights.

Follow other people

Instagram will suggest you many people to follow. Following some of them which you think are worth it is a good idea. The reason being that many out of those will follow you back. You can also follow people randomly who might check you back due to curiosity. You can also follow celebs and well-known people related to your niche. Engaging with them also works. You can also ask for Shoutouts to get attention from some of their followers. Using hashtags like #explorepage #likelike #gainfollowers, #ifollowback, #followforfollow, etc. also help to get followers.

Bring diversity in your posts

You are making posts almost every day and yet you are not gaining followers. Do you know the reason? Well, it’s because your posts are monotonous or not engaging enough. The only way in which you can boost Instagram followers is by introducing diversity in the contents you are posting. Mix up videos and pictures to increase user engagement.

Basically, your Instagram posts must have the ability to make a spot-on impact on the users. It should compel the target audience to follow your business profile and hence, your posts must have a purpose that will drive your target audience’s attention towards the business. 

Implement influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the powerful weapons by which you can boost your follower list organically. They will promote your brand, give a shoutout to your posts, and also tag your profile in their stories which will give your account more exposure to Instagram users.

Use proper hashtags for every post

No matter how appealing your content is, unless and until you are using the hashtags, you won’t be able to cut through the competition. You need to use relevant hashtags which will describe your post perfectly and relate it with the most effective user groups.

Optimize the caption and post content

Lastly, you need to optimize the caption which you will be posting with your multimedia content. The caption must have keywords to target the right audience section. Also, you need to keep the captions crisp and catchy.


Here we have discussed just a few ways in which you can boost Instagram followers and gain more business exposure. Make sure that are also aware of the other techniques and also the latest market trends. This will ensure that your posts and other activities can match the user expectations.