Tools To Take Your Online Sales To The Next Level

There is simply no denying that online marketing has become more and more important over the last few years. Given that the COVID-19 virus has many people on lockdown, online retail is one of the few ways that some companies have to market products and services. The numbers for online sales have certainly gone up over the last few years, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is shopping online. And, the ones that are still might be shopping more in retail than they are online. While Word, Excel, and Photoshop are great tools that can help companies in a variety of ways, they just don’t possess the abilities to help you take your online sales to the next level. Luckily, the tools you are about to discover below do.

3D Viewer

Do you know why more people still prefer to shop in retail as opposed to online? It’s because they get to interact with the product. They get to touch it, feel it, pick it up, smell it, and pretty much do whatever they want. While this isn’t something that is entirely possible in the online world, there are tools like the 360 viewer that can make viewing products online more comprehensive. Such tools give customers the ability to spin, rotate, and look under the hood of products. They’ll get to check out the hidden features as well as other parts of the product that they normally might not get to see with regular images.

Tools To Take Your Online Sales To The Next Level

Project Tracking Tools

If you aren’t tracking your projects and coordinating your teams, how do you know that you are allocating your resources in the most effective way? You simply don’t! That’s all there is to that. You would have no idea what’s going on within your company. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve likely been tracking your projects on some level. That being said, it is tools like Basecamp that really give you a more extensive and comprehensive look at what you have going on. You’ll know exactly who you have working on what projects and how many hours they’ve been doing so. You’ll also know which projects are finished and when they were finished so you can move around resources when and where needed.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Do you have a bunch of unopened LinkedIn e-mail sitting in your inbox? Well, so do 450 million other registered users. LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the largest professional networks by far. When you think about it, it only makes sense to take advantage of their sales coordinating tools. Tools like the one mentioned here will give you the ability to receive customer lead recommendations, search for the right specific leads for your business, set up your mail in one spot, track social selling results, and update sales for both customers and sales in real-time metrics. The site even offers a free trial, so you can basically try this product before you make the full investment. What’s it going to hurt to at least give it a try?