Top 10 Dental Apps For iPhone


In a world where everyone has a smartphone, it makes sense that there should be an app to help out any type of professional out there. This includes the field of dentistry. We asked several dentists, including dentist Gary Lunn, what were the best dental apps for the iPhone. This is what we learned.

Top 10 Dental Apps For iPhone
  1. Medscape: The Medscape app was created by the geniuses behind WedMD. It was the number one downloaded app for medical needs that was free back in 2010, but it has continued to be updated in the past few years. It supplies information on drug interactions, diseases, dental conditions, procedures, drugs, and also gives tips from other dental professionals.
  2. DDS GP: DDS GP is a dental app made to help dental professionals present diagnoses and treatment plans. It will help educate patients in what their concerns are and how they can best be treated. It also allows for customization for each patient as well, so they will know it was tailored just for them.
  3. Dental Clinical Mastery: This is a great app for students, new, or already practicing dentists. It gives your patient up to date information and practice guidelines while also breaking down dental basics that can help dentists and patients alike. The app has useful charts, photos, and resources, including 170+ critical oral pathology guidelines.
  4. Dental Dictionary: The Dental Dictionary by Farlex provides access to more than 55,000 dental terms and pronunciations, helping you when you are feeling a little stumped on the right wording for a dental term. There are also images to better help you understand what you are reading and understanding. It allows you to search for diseases, causes, treatment methods, and even oral hygiene.
  5. iDentist: This is a great app to help you manage your dental appointments. You can see your schedule and adjust the treatment times as you need, review the medical history of your patients, bring up an x-ray gallery, and allow you to note your dental findings.
  6. ePoctraes Rx: This app allows you to access critical information that you need in order to be confident about your diagnostic and dosing decisions in terms of medications. It has a thorough drug interaction checker to help you prevent dangerous interactions. It also has a pill identifier that can help you identify a pill based on shape, size, and even the color.
  7. Lexi-Dental Complete: Lexi-Dental Complete is one of the most popular dental apps out there. It includes a complete library of drug information, interactions, side effects, images for dental conditions, dental procedures, patient resources, and so much more. This is a great app, but it does cost more than others. At $285 a year, however, it is completely worth it.
  8. iRomexis: This is one of the most advanced of the dental apps out there. This has comprehensive 2D and 3D imagery, displaying any image type. You can also display Planmeca crays, even when they are 3D. You get high resolution. You can use these images for patient education and communication. It also makes it easy to share them with other dentists if you needed to.
  9. Dental Manager: The Dental Manager app is a simple and useful tool that can help you with your practice. It allows you to create treatment plans, create a patient database, and even share treatment plans with patients, including sending them images and a plan.
  10. NBDE I Dental Boards Mastery: This is an app for those who are studying for the dental boards, rather than already practicing dentists. It has a series of flashcards and 1,250 high-yield questions, all designed to get you in shape. It has quizzes to help you build up your confidence and get in shape for that test.

Apps are really a great form of technology that can help keep you current with new dental technology and make your practice run as smooth as possible.


Lucy Bennett

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