Top 10 iOS Apps That Help Keep You Safe


While the iOS 11 is designed for maximum privacy and user security, there are 3rd party applications you can use to further protect yourself, your loved ones, or your business. Whether your goal is to keep sensitive data away from prying eyes, threat detection or physical safety, here are 10 iOS apps worthy of your consideration.

Top 10 iOS Apps That Help Keep You Safe

bSafe – Personal Safety App

Get SOS alerts when your family needs help. You can install bSafe and have it auto-record videos at a push of a button.

Presence: Video Security

Presence can turn any old device, including iPods, tablets and phones into a home security system.

Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Keeps children safe via emergency and safety alerts and SOS triggers.

Knock 2.0

A security manager app that allows for remote locking of your device anytime, anywhere. Knock 2.0 is compatible with the Apple Watch.


Protect yourself from online threats by masking your IP address and country of origin whenever you’re browsing, chatting or watching videos online.


Keeps your private data, such as photos, videos and documents safe. Keeply takes a snapshot every time it detects forced entry and stores it in for the user to see.


Provides a two-step authentication process for storing data on your device.


1Blocker stops ad malware and malicious links cold and is considered one of the best in the iOS environment. You can customize what kind of content you’d want to block, whitelist or ban completely.

McAfee Security App

Antiviruses are usually the first line of defense against online viruses, malware and hacking attempts. McAfee stands as one of the top antivirus software that’s been around for decades. The iOS app version even has added features such as being able to wipe, track or lock data on iOS devices.


KeyReel is an app that allows for secure logins when it detects a trusted computer nearby. You won’t have to key in the actual username and password, or even remember it.

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