Top 10 Qualities of a good engineering student

Are you seeking good qualities that must be found in good engineering students? If yes then, it is the right place to know the qualities that are very important to be present in engineering students. After you have chosen engineering as your career, you should have realized that it is the task of great persistency.

Above all the other qualities of engineering students, one of the most important qualities is the make-up of your thinking style. You should make your mind ready for thinking creatively and deep towards any logic that you see in your daily life. This simply indicates that you have to make your mind scientific rather than linguistic. Following are the qualities of good engineering students that will help you become successful in the future.

Top 10 Qualities of a good engineering student
  1. Responsiveness/ responsibility
  2. Creativity
  3. Problem-solving skills
  4. Emotional intelligence
  5. Good communication skills
  6. Logical thinking
  7. Attentiveness
  8. Strong observation power
  9. Mathematical ability
  10. Consistency

1.Responsiveness/ Responsibility

You must be a responsible student during your engineering studies. It means that you have to be responsible for handling tough logical tasks, time-consuming assignments, and taking out accurate results having multiple attempts. You should be responsible for every detail that you find in your practices, and you have to be responsible for efficiently using your time. Therefore, responsiveness is the top of the qualities of a good engineering student.


The next quality of a good engineering student is creativity. A science or engineering student would be useless if he has no creativity at all. All the engineering is logic-based almost, and if you can’t solve the things out of the box, then, you may fail to design your models.

You must make your mind creative enough to resolve any problem in your way but not through the help of experts only. Think from different angles towards the problem and always make it easy for yourself.

3.Problem-Solving Skills

Being an engineering student, you need to be a problem-solving person. For instance, you have to be sharp enough towards algorithms and problems that you will go through during your studies. In the current era, problem-solving skills are more preferred on cramming done in classical studies. the students needed a lot of energy to cram subjects now need problem-solving skills to understand them well. So, if you want to compete with the students in your university or college, you should learn problem-solving skills. Indeed, it is the need of the time.

4.Emotional Intelligence

You might have seen or listened that number of students have committed suicide or have left their studies just because they are not intelligent or can not solve logical and mathematical questions. They are neither weak nor unintelligent. The only skill they lack is emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the name of handling minds, behaviors, complexities, time, or relations in a manner that brings a high probability of success. You would need emotional intelligence in engineering studies because you will experience tough and strange times. You would also face trouble in the subjects that you study for the first time or they are technical where emotional intelligence is the only factor that can keep you on track. You, too, need emotional intelligence if you fail during the time. To be short, you need it not only in your engineering studies but also in your whole life because it is the quality of leaders.

5.Good Communication Skills

Most of the students forget to work on their communication skills. It is one of the essential qualities among the other ones. You will never make your teachers, classmates, and coordinators satisfied with your work if you don’t have good communication skills. This is the skill that you should make before you start engineering. You will suffer badly if you are weak enough in communication. You can never impress your coordinators with your work completely unless you have good communication skills. So, build these skills in advance to be on the safe side.

6.Logical Thinking

Almost, the whole engineering is logic-based. Think logically so that you can make your mind likewise. Observe different logics that are applied already in different fields of technology. Practice logic that you have studied in your high school.

Remember, be a logical thinker but not a logical crammer. A lot of students yet to be taught about the difference between logical thinking and cramming logic. They cram the overall logic and think that they have solved it through their mind which is just their misunderstanding.


Be attentive in your studies. focus on what seems difficult to you. You should always capture small details that are given with any piece of writing. Find big in small things through your attentiveness. It will help you out to create a big picture of the problems in your mind to be solved later.

8.Strong observation power

A good engineering student must have the quality of deep observation. If you want to get a detailed insight into any topic, you must have deep observation as a skill to go to the length and breadth of it. It is seen that many students fail to have innovation during or after their studies. The only reason behind this is that they have a weak observation. They cannot go beyond the normal thinking and facts available.

9.Mathematical ability

Mathematics is the mother of all sciences. Thereby, engineering has a lot of subjects that demand mathematical abilities. You would badly suffer if you lack mathematical skills in engineering.


Apart from all, you need consistency throughout the engineering studies. This is a skill that turns failures into success. So, you need to be calm and perseverant by your nature to go through all odd and even times. Never leave your tough tasks incomplete. Keep struggling to solve it at any cost. Then and only then, you will succeed. A student, lacking consistency in his life, mostly doesn’t see the final destination.

To sum up, engineering students do need these skills in the time of their studies to grow, groom and develop. These skills will not only help you in your studies but will also ease the time that you are going in.