For countless agents and customer representatives, the headset is one of the main tools in business productivity. Besides the necessary skills to interact with the clients, the use of the quality gadget plays an important role in the Business. When we talk about the quality headphones, then it means that we want to have quality based communications, and the only name that comes to mind is Jabra headsets. They are the pioneers in the sound industry by producing affordable yet durable earphones, just like any expensive company would have manufactured. They have a wide range of sound devices that can vary in shape, sizes, and styles but without any compromise in the sound quality. They are featured with the latest technology, so you stay up to date to reach your goals.

Top 3 Professional Jabra Wireless Headsets for Offices

They are made to make you hear and say the things crystal clearly. They are featured with the latest technologies that enhance the sound to make you feel like having a real live conversation. Offices are a place full of on-goings like people chatting, machines running, ringing bells, and much more. All of these noises keep distracting you from the main targets and cause disappointment in front of the clients that want to make business deals on the calls; therefore, here we have got the solution for you. You can choose these three professional cordless headphones for your offices that will increase your productivity.

1.    Jabra Engage 65 Convertible Wireless Headset with Base Unit

The wireless headset is made for professional users and agents that understand the value of unifies communications. With dominant black color and sleek design, they give you a confident and smart look to carry. They come up with the convertible wearing style as they got ear hook as well. They are extremely light weighted about 18grams that do not make you feel heavy on the head after the whole day wearing. They are made out of the quality material for the high-class results. The ear cushion is soft to adjust and cover the whole ear to form a seal from the irrelevant sound. These earpieces provide you ultimate freedom from the wires that keep you idle and locked up in one place. They are featured with wireless wideband and narrowband capacity that allows you to stay connected with your devices without any distortion. They allow you to have a wireless range up to 330ft. They are built-in with connectivity to 2 devices at the same time (1 USB device and one analog phone). They are featured with DECT technology that allows you to have crystal clear communication. The microphone boom arm is adjustable to 360 degrees and has busy light integration as well. The busy light indicates your colleagues about your availability for them. The best thing about them is they have the fastest charging that goes from 0 to 40% within 30 minutes, so you do not have to worry about the running out of battery in the mid of your shift.

2.    Jabra Engage 75 Convertible Wireless Headset with Base Unit

Wireless headphones are outstanding and true performance sounding gadgets. They are specially designed for the call centric solutions for the agents, traders, and financial advisors who make their living over the phone by listening and talking to customers to raise customer satisfaction by listening to their queries. They produce best in class sound quality with versatile connectivity. They can be connected with the five devices with the use of USB and Bluetooth technology. The connectivity is strong that it will not make any distortion in the communication no matter how far you are from your device. They provide you a wideband frequency range that goes to 330ft and allows you to have a talk time of about 9 hours. They are integrated with fast charging, which means you do not have to worry about the draining of the battery. It gets charge of up to 40% within 390 minutes. They are engineered by the audio professionals for the best audio using the DECT technology. They are the best choice for unified communication. They are compatible with different devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These earphones are certified for the Microsoft and Windows users. They are highly recommended for the skype business calls and webinar conference calls. They are featured with the Sound Guard technology that helps to maintain the sound levels and protect your auditory nerve from the sudden exposure to high pitch sound. They are manufactured with intelligent volume control that provides you balance voice and normal speech level; thus, the voice from the other end does not burst or shrieks into the ears.

3.    Engage 75 Mono Wireless Headset with Base Unit

These Jabra headsets are manufactured to boost customer satisfaction. They are made with the latest technology to give you world-class sound and comfort that you are looking for. They are industry-leading wireless headphones with outstanding performance and density. They provide you long-lasting talk time and also integrated with the busy light that lets others know about your availability. They are manufactured after a long research on the demands of the offices, and that is mostly the noise canceling and a high level of comfort.

These headsets are the top priority to deliver noise-free communication. And not only this, they deliver you a peaceful atmosphere that makes you more attentive and concentrated towards the work. These earplugs are lightweight and can be adjusted to wearing comfort easily. They are a maximum of 64 grams in weight.

The boom arm can be adjusted to the 270 degrees so you can make the throw of your voice into the microphone. They are simple to wear and easy to use with different five devices. They can be connected with USB and Bluetooth devices without any inconvenience. They come with a 1-2 year warranty from the manufacturer that means they reduce the early replacements and save your money as well.

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