TOP-4 Visual Marketing Tools

Visual content is the thing that can make your business successful. Studies show that stock visual content can increase your website conversion by over 30%, whereas custom visual content can raise it seven times higher. Images, videos, graphics, and other types of visual content add to the sales rates. However, the flow of visual content should be regular to help customer retention and to win new clients. This demands significant investments, which are rarely affordable for young startups or small businesses.

                  The work of professional designers should be well-paid and if there’s no such a person in your team, you should find some other ways to get the needed visual content without running out of your budget. Here when visual marketing tools come to help. These are free or, at least, affordable online services and applications that can help you create the visuals you need for your business. We’ve collected the four best visual marketing tools that can satisfy your need for quality visual content.

Visual Marketing Tools


TOP-4 Visual Marketing Tools

                  Canva is one of the visual marketing tools that are available to everyone. Its library contains millions of stock images, vectors, and photos. There’s also a possibility to upload your own photograph and edit it using the photo editing tools and filters. The service offers diverse fonts, icons, and shapes, thus giving space for creativity.

                  The tool features thousands of layouts, which allows designing graphics for social media, presentations, posters, mood boards, and any other purposes. All the templates can be customized by colors, buttons, images, and fonts.

                  Canva is fast and easy-to-use due to its user-friendly interface and the drag-and-drop feature. Therefore, using this tool, it won’t be an issue to create visual content even for those who have never done it before.

                  As for the price of the service, its basic plan is totally free. It includes over a quarter of a million templates, more than a hundred design types, and other features. You can upgrade your account to Pro (an offer for a team of up to 5 people) or enterprise for $30/month. A paid membership gives more opportunities in terms of customization of your visual content.


TOP-4 Visual Marketing Tools

                  Venngage is another tool that might be helpful in your visual marketing content creation, especially if you are dealing with a lot of figures and data. This service is affordable to any pocket offering both free and paid plan types. Even the basic free offer is enough to create quality content. Utilizing this tool, you get access to thousands of templates for infographics, roadmaps, brochures, certificates, logos, newsletters, banners, and many more.

                  The templates are all customizable in colors, styles, and sizes. The tool features text editing services as well. Except for this, a subscription to Vennagage opens to you a huge library of free images, charts, and designs. The service also gives the possibility to work in a team and share your creative ideas and designs within the platform.


TOP-4 Visual Marketing Tools

                  The Piktochart visual marketing tool offers you to create the designs of presentations, graphics for social media, posters, infographics, etc. This service is suitable both for individual and team work. Utilizing Piktochart, you get access to thousands of templates, a pull of images and illustrations.

                  The free version of the service gives access to a limited number of features, whereas upgrading to Team or Pro plans, you get the possibility to export the images and visuals in HD and PDF formats. Besides, the customization of the template features allows creating your own color schemes and uploading your own fonts to be used on posters or any other type of visual content you create using this tool.


TOP-4 Visual Marketing Tools

                  The statistics say that video content can converse up to 300% more traffic to your website. Posting quality video content on your website or blog is definitely worth all the expenses it may take. By using Powtoon, you can create customized professional video content even if having a minimum budget. Thousands of templates are at your disposal with the possibility to adapt them to your needs and your own vision of the product you present. You can create animated videos building your own animated characters, customizing their outfits, faces, and even making them match your brand.

                  Up to 100GB of online storage, 500 screen and webcam recordings, and up to thirty minutes-lasting Full HD videos are available in a max paid package on Powtoon.

Tips on How to Make Your Visual Content Work

                  The diversity of instruments you can use for implementing your content marketing strategy may give you deceptive confidence about your success in this field. However, the knowledge about the tools you can use for creating visual content is not enough for making worthy things. You also need to know how to make this content work for your goals. In this regard, we’d like to give you some pieces of advice:

  • Remember about the basic principles of the design. When creating banners, presentations, videos, or any other type of visual content for your website, make sure you don’t overload your visuals with colors, text, and imagery content. Remember, the simpler – the better. Your viewers need to concentrate on the essences so don’t distract their attention with too much visual information.
  • If you want your business to be taken seriously, don’t use stock images. The main drawback of using stock photos and images is that your brand risks dissolving in the background of dozens of others that have chosen the same tactics and used stock photos for creating their visual content. Investing in the services of a professional photographer or videographer will not only pay off but also provide you with unique top-quality visual content. Learn more about how to create quality visual content here.
  • Developing a brand, each piece of the visual content you produce should recall with its identity. Fonts, colors, logos should match the motif you use in your brand development strategy. Only then you can make your brand recognizable. You can read more about the visual content in this blog.

Choose the tool that meets your requirements best and start working on your brand personalized visual content right away.