Top 5 Benefits of Document Management Systems

Forward-thinking companies should consider updating their documents to the cloud or electronically using a document management system.

Those who use LogicalDOC can look forward to these benefits:

Collaborative Possibilities

A good document management system brings forth conveniences such as easier collaboration and sharing. With documents being digitized, it’s now possible to access the file regardless of location. Users can now share the document or send it via email instead of having it sent by mail or courier.

Top 5 Benefits of Document Management Systems

Faster Retrieval

Imagine having to sift through mountains of papers to get a single document or folder. It’s very time consuming, to say the least. In digital form however, retrieval becomes much easier and faster.

Once a document enters a management software it’s less likely to be lost, and finding it is just a matter of running a keyword search.

Better Security

Securing documents is an important aspect of running a business. Keeping sensitive data protected is of the utmost priority, something that software and apps can bring once documents enter the digital realm.

DMS opens up a world of possibilities in terms of security, from encryption to audit trails and more. Automated alerts and notifications will say who and when a document was retrieved and if there were changes made.

Space Saver

Companies who still keep paper records will have to rent a commercial space or storage just for their files. With a document management system this becomes a non-factor. Forget storage bins, boxes and file cabinets- sometimes all that’s needed is a computer, a cloud server or an external storage to free up office space.

Keep Up With Regulatory Compliance

Companies that use DMS can meet compliance requirements and avoid revoked licenses and fines in state and federal jurisdiction. With HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley, more and more organizations are now using systems to reduce the likelihood of non-compliance and enjoy optimized storing and classification of documents.