Top 5 Benefits of Incorporating Low Code Platforms


Whether you are looking to create a business app or searching for a way to simplify the development process through automation, you cannot go wrong with low code development. It makes it easier for you to create customized apps for specific tasks without putting in too much effort. More individuals now realize the benefits of this technology, which has increased in platforms and vendors offering these services. With the right low code vendor, you are assured to enjoy limitless benefits to help you solve a range of business problems. Low code provides value to your business by streamlining and digitalizing processes while ensuring a frictionless experience for maximum user satisfaction.

Top 5 Benefits of Incorporating Low Code Platforms

If you are yet to incorporate low code in your development processes, here are top benefits that you are missing out on.

Enjoy Maximum Speed

The primary benefit of low code development is maximized speed. The innovation helps to accelerate software and applications delivery. Research has shown that low code can increase the speed for software development by up to ten times more than the traditional methods. For starters, low code features a drag-and-drop feature, pre-built user interfaces and data models that facilitate rapid development of apps. Additionally, it is super easy to apply APIs and third-party tools to eliminate any time loss due to the learning curve. With only one click, low code allows you to track any changes and eliminate deployment automatically, thus reducing time-consumption.

Increased Agility

Building your business apps using low code platform improves your company’s agility. It enables your business to respond and adapt to market changes faster using digital, innovative solutions. Business agility is crucial in this era, especially with increased disruptions. Low code helps your business to adapt to new initiatives resulting from market changes and customer needs. The adaptability is mainly as a result of increased development speed. By allowing you to deliver an application within a short period and make changes in a matter of minutes, it is easier for enterprises to adjust to dynamic conditions. Besides the unmatched development speed, low codes help in development and delivery of modern cloud applications that work perfectly together with the legacy system. This makes them a better choice for meeting customers’ needs.

Improved and Automated IT Governance

Low code provides built-in automated IT governance. With this, the IT team can control and monitor all projects using a centralized console that offers infrastructure, IT users, applications and security visibility. Moreover, developers can build and design applications, with peace of mind knowing that no unauthorized parties will try and break them. You have probably come across the term shadow IT, which refers to employees utilizing non-sanctioned IT software and hardware without the IT department’s knowledge. This might be as a result of inefficiency of the available tools, making the employees look for a better option. Low code eliminates ‘shadow IT’ while improving IT governance within your business. It provides employees with an opportunity to build software without depending on third-party tools. Also, you can monitor everything they are doing.

Reduced IT Costs

Considering the average salary of a qualified software developer, you will realize that incorporating low code is the key to minimizing expenses. Besides the hiring cost, you have to cater for training and onboarding expenses. If you are not cautious, you may end up hurting your business capital and never get the returns. Hiring software developers is a pricey proposition, especially for upcoming and small businesses. It is also not an advisable idea for companies that build applications regularly for specific tasks. Low code eliminates this issue by allowing non-technical users to automate development processes. What’s more? The cost of a low code platform is much lower than the hiring and training cost of one software developer.

Better User Experience

While software developers can get the job done, the experience is never as pleasant as using a low code platform for the same development. Keep in mind that poor user experience will negatively impact productivity and employees efficiency. Low code platforms provide users with the power to control their experiences with its range of features.

From these benefits, it is evident that incorporating low code platforms is the secret to fast and efficient app development. However, ensure that you entrust your needs to a reliable provider to enjoy these benefits and more.

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