Top 5 Bitcoin Apps for iPhone


There are plenty of people just like you who have thought about downloading a bitcoin app for the iPhone. The thing is when you think about downloading the app you might think that there are plenty of different ways to get into bitcoin. However, using an iPhone app is possibly the most convenient way to trade bitcoin and make things happen quickly. Here’s the thing though – you need to understand on the front end that using an iPhone app for your bitcoin will not be the thing that makes you rich. The goal is using these apps to manage your bitcoin.

Top 5 Bitcoin Apps for iPhone

Apple is on the way to giving app developers the freedom to develop specific apps for bitcoin management. This means that is easier than ever to store, trade, and manage bitcoin via the iPhone through apps like Bitcoin Profit App. The good news is it is easy to get started on your bitcoin trading with your app. You probably will not be a billionaire right away, but you can easily manage everything that you have going on with your bitcoin assets thanks to these apps. Take a look at these 5 apps and learn how they help you manage your bitcoin.

Bitcoin Code App

This is a great app for the iPhone because there are a lot of different functions embedded within the app. The best part about the app is that you can easily trade your bitcoin for cash. This is really important because bitcoin is quite volatile. Using this app, it is easy to change out your bitcoin when you see the market for trading peaking. Bitcoin trading is quite volatile, and the instant access you have to your account thanks to this app makes it one of the best apps that is out there. The app does require an initial deposit of $250, but once you make the deposit, the app is really good about making the whole trading process very easy. In fact, when using the Bitcoin Code App, what you will find is that figuring out the ups and downs becomes less complex, which allows you to do the job you want to do – make more money.

Bitcoin Ticker

The reality is that bitcoin is subject to exchange rate changes and they are volatile, however unlike regular currency, the exchange rates are not based on regions, they are based on the values that are set within many different types of markets. The issue here is that knowing the exact value of bitcoin at the present momentbecomes really difficult. That being said, you need something to simplify the process, and that is Bitcoin Ticker.

The way Bitcoin Ticker works is that it gives you the price of bitcoin across all of the major markets so you can get a reference whenever you need it. The best part is that this app helps you make decisions within the moment. It is really easy to set alerts so that you will have no problem making decisions to get yourself the right deal when you need to pull the trigger. The easy to read screen makes bitcoin trading and evaluating that much easier compared to similar types of apps.

Bitcoin Code App


There are a lot of things to like about Airbitz, and perhaps the best place to start is the security. There are a lot of scams out there in the bitcoin world, and once you pull the trigger on a trade you can’t get the money back, therefore it is important that what you are doing is as secure as possible. The encrypted options for backing up and the peer-to-peer cloud servers are a big reason why it is extremely difficult for anyone to get access and mess with your wallet.

While this may sound really difficult to use, Airbitz is actually really easy to diversity your bitcoin and put all your work in several different wallets. The reality is diversification is the key to success in any investment enterprise. The best part is when it is time to take your bitcoin and convert it to currency that is easily used in most other legal transactions, it is very simple with this app.


The great thing about BitPay is how easy this app is to use, and the reality is when dealing with finance – especially for people who do not like the complexity that is associated with finance apps – this app makes dealing with bitcoin really simple to use. The reality is being able to navigate the basic wallet set up and do all the transactions with minimal fuss is something that most people using bitcoin can appreciate.

As for the functionality of the app, everything is basic and easy. There are no big frills to it and the reality is if you are new to bitcoin then this app provides everything that you need in order to make sure that you can do the trades you want and get the instant reads of your balances, positions, and the different ways to buy and sell bitcoin are all fairly easy with this app; the ease of use is why the app is on the list.


There are a lot of things to do with bitcoin, but if you are just looking to hold it, what are you doing? The reality is if you make a good amount of coin off of bitcoin, treat it like an investment account. Blockfolio helps you do exactly that. The app is ideal for managing existing portfolios and is a bit limited with starting a new one, but the reality is that if you are looking to invest then what you have done is beyond just setting up and trading bitcoin.

What’s great about this particular app is that you can not just manage bitcoin, but manage everything going on with more than 2,000 different cryptocurrencies. The information helps you understand the market and its variations, and you get a dedicated feed of cryptocurrency stories. The bottom line, Blockfolio helps you diversity your bitcoin fortune and keeps all your investments in one place.

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