Top 5 Games To Build Your Vocabulary In A Fun Way

A good vocabulary ensures better communication skills, both in the verbal and written form. Improving vocabulary is far easier during childhood. However, as we grow, if not appearing for an exam, one seldom consciously learns new words. However, learning new words becomes pretty easy when they are learned in a fun way. There are plenty of word games available out there which help the player to play the game while learning new words. Improving vocabulary through games ensures that the learner does not treat it as a task. Here are five games that will help you to improve vocabulary in a fun way.

Wordscapes Search is a fun relaxing game to expand your vocabulary while exercising your brain. It is an addictive puzzle game where the player has to connect letters to find new words on the board. The game supports plenty of challenges and puzzles with more than thousands of levels. If you stumble across a new word while playing Wordscapes Search, ensure that you immediately check out its meaning. The game is developed by PeopleFun. The power-ups present in the game can help the player to earn a clue while playing the game. Finding extra words in the game fetches extra points to the users.

Top 5 Games To Build Your Vocabulary In A Fun Way

2. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a classic word puzzle. It can be played both in solo and multiplayer mode and is a fun addictive game. The game provides an easy way for the players to train their mind. If you are looking forward to building your vocabulary alone, then the solo challenge of the Words With Friends is the answer for it. With random opponent matchmaking, it is also possible to practice crossword skills. The stats provided by the game are totally unlockable and helps the player to track their progress. The game further supports a chatting platform that allows the players to stay in touch with each other through texts.

3. Improve English

Improve English is an English learning educational game that helps the player to improve their vocabulary and grammar through flashcards. The game further supports daily digests which helps the users to learn more. The quizzes supported by the game helps the user to check the progress made by the player in the game. All the levels and mini-games which are present in Improve English are scientifically designed. What makes the game excellent is the fact that it supports visual aids which helps the player to remember the words that they have learned for a long time. The flashcard course of the game comprises vocabulary builder in three levels, English idioms, phrasal verbs and commonly confused words. Based on the requirement, the players can choose to pursue a course of their choice.

4. Scrabble

Scrabble is a classic word game where the players need to use the tiles of different letters to form a word to earn points. Scrabble supports four game modes which are duels, word drop, tumbler and rush. The duel mode of the game supports fast-paced games. In this mode, the players are made to fight against players who share similar skills. If one is playing Scrabble in the competitive mode, then the Scrabble Word Finder can come in handy to help a player to win the game. The game supports Scrabble leagues where the players can participate to showcase their talent.

5. Words of Wonders: Crossword to Connect Vocabulary

The Words of Wonders serves a dual purpose where the users can improve both their vocabulary and spelling skills while learning more about the seven wonders of the world. In Words of Wonders, the users have to connect the letters to make the final word. Also, the game provides the users with the opportunity to travel to a new world. In Words of Wonders, the player has to learn new words as they keep moving forward to travel to more World Of Wonders. The multiplayer mode of the game helps the users to compete with their friends too.

Playing these word games regularly will improve the vocabulary in no time. All these games are available for free and can be downloaded from app stores or can be played directly online on any gaming website.