Top 5 Hulu Shows to watch on the weekend with friends and family


Hulu is a well-known American Subscription Platform, with millions of active users who are fond of watching entertainment shows and movies made available on Hulu’s official website and is accessible to only those addicted to watching new shows and want to add value to their watch list. The premium quality subscription plans of Hulu are not that expensive, as compared to other entertainment websites, so you can think about it if you want to invest your money and efforts in a selected series or movie.

Top 5 Hulu Shows to watch on the weekend with friends and family

Due to the emerging cybercrimes and identity theft, many entertainment websites have induced restrictions over their platforms to maintain the transparency and newness in their websites otherwise; hackers can get into the internal data, disturbing the overall searching of the users. Hulu is geo-restricted. Suppose you wish to watch Hulu in UK, Singapore, Australia, or any other foreign country. In that case, you will acquire a secured VPN network with a masked IP address and hidden physical location for enjoying a seamless experience overall!

The Best Hulu Shows for binge-watchers in 2021

After Netflix, Hulu comes next if you’re looking for entertainment websites with more quality shows and movies with a definite storyline and descriptions. Let’s start discussing the best Hulu shows and films collectively without wasting a single moment.

1. The Path (TV Series Original)

At first, we all discussed The Path, a Hulu original series created by Jessica Goldberg with two seasons successfully launched. The story shows Eddie Lane’s life, a spiritualist movement known as Meyerism, and his wife and children. Eddie’s vision towards Meyerism’s founder and the action itself makes him more attracted towards the direction which causes his health and the faith! The movement’s growth is shown potentially within the series, showing that Eddie has to face some questions whether he grows Meyerism or becomes a cult leader without it? The questions will be answered within this fantastic series, and if you want to see what happened next, please do watch it and get your answers yourself.

2. The Confession

Next is a mysterious series, The Confession, a drama official, making the watchers’ overall experience filled with fun, thrill, and drama. It revolves around a killer and a priest who explores the grey areas between good and evil as the hitman confesses later about the crimes he committed in his past, revealing a lot of complexities in the series.

It is filled with drama and thrill, a perfect treat for those who love to watch thrilling series, with friends and family to witness a wonderful time with the optimum amount of fun and mystery!

3. Freakish

You can even predict from the name, Freakish which means unexpected or something very unusual, and that’s a perfect name for the series. The series goes around students who usually don’t like going to the school, so imagine how the students at Kent High School would feel considering the overall happening. All of the stories show a chemical plant meltdown, which causes an explosion of the small town, and how they survive in a tiny village. Can I see how confusing the story is getting, and it’s unusual and very perpetual for the viewers to digest such narratives with less link to reality.

Somehow, the story shows that escape is not the only possible option because if you’re venturing outside into some dangerous spaces, then it’s like giving your life at stake, and it’s very questioning.

4. Shut Eye

Shut Eye is another dramatic genre series, with two seasons successfully roaming on Hulu, officially making a difference overall. The story starts with Charlie, who is working in a fortune-teller firm, and trying to fight against his authoritarian boss, but somehow blows the head from the client’s boyfriend, and gives him the ability to hear voices, and images of people, which is unique.

5. Runaway

And lastly, we have Runway, a teenage drama thriller series, showing the story of a group of six teenagers in Los Angeles discovering their own parents’ dark secrets. To get the thing done, they all unite together and find a way out to stop their parents from executing a terrible plan which was very harmful to the entire town!

Wrapping Up

And that’s it for the day! I am wrapping it up with an obvious conclusion that all these movies and shows were spectacular, available readily on Hulu’s official website. If you have any questions regarding the article posted, please feel free to post it in the feedback section, so we’ll come up next with another exciting topic keeping your concerns in mind!