Weather systems are becoming more and more unpredictable due to the effects of climate change. It’s more important now than ever to have a reliable weather app. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of the top 5 iOS Weather Apps to Use In 2020.

Top 5 iOS Weather Apps To Use In 2020

ClimaCell Weather Assistant

ClimaCell Weather Assistant is provided by Boston-based weather startup, ClimaCell. The app features an array of useful features, however, one of the best parts about the app is its Weather of Things (WoT) technology. This combines standard weather data with data from connected devices such as drones and other aircraft to provide a more accurate weather forecasting picture.

Top 5 iOS Weather Apps To Use In 2020

In addition to its increased accuracy, ClimaCell Weather Assistant features accurate and timely severe weather alerts to keep you safe. Furthermore, the app has a range of activities which can be selected and the app will then inform you about whether the conditions outside are acceptable for your chosen activity in your area. 

Finally, their hyper-local forecasting technology allows you to get an accurate picture of the weather for a location as small as a city block. This is perfect for those last-minute barbeques and dog walks.

To download ClimaCell Weather Assistant, visit the App Store.


Radarscope is a great weather app for those who have a deeper love and understanding of weather data and enjoy it being presented within a visual format. 

The app provides a variety of different pieces of information, including severe weather alerts. When coupled with the visual elements of the app’s radar mapping, this means that you will be able to stay safe as you observe the movements of severe weather patterns. 

There are also a number of information layers, meaning you can greatly augment your weather information.

Top 5 iOS Weather Apps To Use In 2020

In addition to the free version of the app, you can also pay $9.99 to get Radarscope Pro Tier One, which will grant you access to more advanced features, or, $14.99 per month to get Radarscope Pro Tier Two which grants access to masses of locked weather information.

You can download Radarscope on the App Store now.


AccuWeather is another weather forecasting pick that prides itself on the accuracy of its reporting. Furthermore, the app has the great ability to condense a lot of information into each window within it. 

In addition to accurate reporting and a user-friendly interface, AccuWeather also has a feature that will tell you whether or not you should expect rain to fall in your location within the next 60 minutes, making it perfect for that last-minute coat grab.

Top 5 iOS Weather Apps To Use In 2020

Not only will AccuWeather give you the temperature conditions, but the app will also provide you with information on UV levels, wind conditions, visibility, cloud cover and humidity.

Best of all, the app is available for free on the App Store.

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is a great weather app for people that like their weather forecasting to be injected with a little humour, rather than seeing the same old forecasts on their screens every day. 

The app pulls its data from Dark Sky and uses it to generate 7-day forecasts with a touch of sarcastic humour to brighten even the stormiest of days. You can also change the settings for the humour to include something that is a little bit more suited to your own tastes.

Top 5 iOS Weather Apps To Use In 2020

The app features a very smooth looking interface packed with a wealth of meteorological data that can be only a tap or swipe away. The app is free to download, however, you can also pay for a premium subscription to receive alerts about weather patterns and other information.

You can download CARROT Weather on the App Store.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has been a free mainstay for many weather enthusiasts in terms of weather apps for a number of years now. The app itself is financially supported by adverts and provides the user with a number of different weather data metrics including temperature, wind conditions and visibility. These can be viewed on an hourly or daily basis.

Top 5 iOS Weather Apps To Use In 2020

Furthermore, the app has interactive Doppler radar mapping, which can show weather events, weather warnings and rainfall. Finally, it includes social sharing capability which allows users to share pictures, tweets and images.

You can download The Weather Channel on the App Store.

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