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Game enthusiast, where are you? This article is especially for you guys. I am sure you all can relate to the fact that playing online and offline games is a great medium for relieving stress and good gameplay can keep you hooked for hours, without the realization of any boredom and fatigue. There is also various genre of gaming out there for you to choose from, as action, strategic, role-playing games, FPS games, and a lot more. And some games can suit any age type.

It is so easy to get lost in the world of games, with HD graphics that with no doubt is capable of giving you a touch of realism plus with the touch of realistic audio. But the non-stop advertisements during the games, and the in-app purchase can be a real buzzkill.

But I have a solution for that, in this article, I have listed down the top 5 websites from where you can get the modded version of the original games, which comes with all the premium features unlocked, and also guarantees no interruptions since they offer no ads gameplay, ensuring a non-stop fun for the gaming enthusiast.


To begin with, I would like to highlight, a great stop for the gaming freaks to get the modded applications for, androids, iOs, and Pcs. They also provide games in different categories, like action, racing, strategies, RPG, FPS, and many more.

Firstly, let’s talk about the layout of their website. It is very decent and easy to navigate through, plus the colors of the page aren’t so harsh on the eyes either. They have nicely categorized all the games in these categories: top rated, latest games, action, strategic, simulation, casual, role-playing, and sports. This categorization makes it extremely convenient for the gamer to select his favorite genre and directly choose a game from that, instead of going through a plethora of various games, and not coming up with anything useful.

Now let’s talk about the reviews that they post about the modded games, firstly it’s very in-depth and covers almost every aspect of a game. From its features to its gameplay and also provides you with a step-by-step installation guide, making it favorable for you to easily install the app on your android devices without any hassle.

They also address all the questions that a user might have regarding the application, in the Frequently Asked Question, portion. You can check that out too before downloading any games.

The highlight important features of the games, that are genuinely worth noticing, like the gaming experience, graphics and sound system of the game, the customization features, and the most important, unlimited gems, money, gold, coins, and diamond features, that almost every modded version of the game offers. Plus it also lists down all the premium features that the modded the game has unlocked for you people.

They also ensure that the information provided on their website is taken from a reliable source, so you can trust the authenticity of it.

Some of you might have a concern rising, that whether these mod apps are trustful and virus-free since it’s an app built by a third party. Then yes, also ensures you that the apps they mention on their websites are virus-free, so you can download them from their websites, without any risk of harm to your mobile devices or your personal information. is a great and useful website for getting mod apps, since it has a wide range of games option to select from, varying in different categories.


This website contains the modified version of gaming apps along with the modified version of other applications like Spotify and lightroom etc.

First, let’s talk about the website layout, so it’s pretty simple and doesn’t have many colors adding to the graphics. Once you’ll open the websites, you will see the abundance of applications right on your face, which can be a bit overwhelming, but the categories make it easier for you to maneuver your way through. They also have categories the applications in different categories, which are new and updated, top game mods, and top app mods. Which makes it pretty easy for a user to select the categories of the app they are looking for and dive right into it.

Now let’s talk about their reviews, so it’s pretty detailed as well, highlighting the gameplay plus the amazing features any game and an app has to offer. At the very start of every article, you will see a small table where they have mentioned all the important specifications of the games, like the size, developer’s name, the game’s version. Which I guess makes it easier for you to see whether your phone has the space to get that particular game or app or not.


When I first opened the website, the vibrant colors made me happy. Plus the colorful icons of the modded apps were cherry on top. They as similar to apkdone has a modded version of games and other reapplications for you to choose from.

They have categories their mode apps into 4 categories, top download, and best of best must play, and can’t miss. They have done a nice job with the catchy names of the categories. They claim that they are an alternate way to discover mobile games and applications, which come with no geo-restrictions and the best malware detection system.

They also have an option to change the language on their websites, which I guess is very convenient for users from across the globe, so that anyone can access this website in their native language, thus increasing the traffic of the website.

As far as their reviews are concerned, it pretty limited with limited information. They have only highlighted certain features of every app along with the user’s ratings and reviews. Making it easy for a reader to judge whether the application or the game is worth installing or not.


They are a website that provides software downloads for smartphones. They ensure to provide the users with the safest, fastest, and better gaming and other applications without posing any risk to their mobile phones and pcs. They also ensure that their mod apps require no extension to install them plus you don’t have to root your devices either.
They have a really wide range of categories for games and other applications to choose from. So every user having the likeness of any genre will find something useful here that will surely suit their taste.
They also like apktoide have an option to change language, to suit every user that visits their website.


They are said to be the highly curated website for mod games and applications. They also stated that the applications posted on their websites are thoroughly checked for any virus that may pose a risk to their users, before publishing. Downloading applications from their websites are safe.
They also have a wide range of gaming and other application categories to choose from. You can also find a FAQs section on their websites, which addresses all the questions that you might have regarding their websites, plus they also allow you to contact them with any query that you might have.
Their articles are, on the other hand, very precise, contain only the changes and updates made on the modded version of the original games, provided on their websites.


These are the top 5 websites for you to visit, from which you can get top-quality mod apps and games with 100% safety without having to pay a single penny.
I hope this article was useful for you.

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