Top 5 Pregnancy Due Date Calculators

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. For most moms, it is inarguably the most exciting one. The journey of 9 months (in usual condition) is full of exciting moments. What follows ‘the 2 pink lines’ or a blood test is often full of love, care, and happiness – unwavering and unblemished.

Once the doctor confirms the pregnancy, every couple waits eagerly for their little bundle of joy to come to earth. ‘Made with love’ fits best in this journey. Counting months and days with eagerness and excitement is an inevitable part of the journey to parenthood. This is probably why healthcare providers have seen it best to develop online calculators where the parent or the couple can count how far they have been through in their journey to parenthood and how many days or months are left for the stork to deliver the baby.

Top 5 Pregnancy Due Date Calculators

1. Tommy’s Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – If you have just found that you are pregnant, this tool may help you see when your baby is due. To find out your pregnancy due date, you just need to select the first date of your last month period (LMP) and click the submit button. The tool will show you an estimated date and also give additional options to sign up for pregnancy-related emailers. With Tommy’s weekly emails related to pregnancy facts and health tips associated with pregnancy, you can undergo the healthiest possible pregnancy.

2. Pristyn Care Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – The pregnancy due date calculator by Pristyn Care is one of the most seamless one to use. ‘Happiness is on its way!’ – says their calculator, and one can feel it while navigating through the calculator. The pregnancy calculator estimates your due date and helps you find out how far you are along in your pregnancy. Like other due date calculators, the Pristyn Care calculator also gives you a date calculated based on your last period dare. To get the results, you need to follow three important steps. First, you need to enter the first day of your last month’s period and then enter your usual menstrual cycle length. Once done, hit the NEXT button to get your expected pregnancy due date. The pregnancy results by Pristyn Care due date calculator give you the estimated date of your baby’s arrival and the day and what could be your baby’s possible zodiac and birthstone.

3. Pampers Due Date Calculator – Pampers is one of the premium brands that deal with baby products. Almost every parent loves pampers products as well as their website. Their pregnancy due date calculator is easy and cute at the same time. The pink and blue theme of the tool adds to the thrill of ‘whether it’s a boy or a girl.’ It is one of the first things that catches any user’s attention. With the Papers Pregnancy Due Date Calculator, a couple can literally get ready for the baby’s arrival. With the Pampers tool, you can find out your due date either with the first date of your last month period or with the date of conception (in case you know that). Once you add that, you can select the length of your period cycle and find out your baby’s expected delivery date. The tool also shows the week-by-week of your baby’s development. To add more to the thrill, there’s also a Pampers Club where you can start by sharing your email address and get parenting tips, participate in quizzes and get pampers offers.

4. What To Expect Due Date Calculator – Happiness is of course what one expects, and this tool is all about that. This pregnancy due date calculator can give you results based on the last period, conception date, IVF, or ultrasound. What to expect is one of the most trusted and reputed pregnancies and parenting brands in the world. The mission of What To Expect is to support happy and healthy pregnancies. What To Expect is committed to delivering high standards of objectivity and accuracy through all forms of content that they provide. The estimated date of delivery based on either of the mentioned methods comes very close to the exact delivery date. Hence, the website, the apps, and the pregnancy tools are highly trusted and appreciated by expecting parents.

5. Due Date Calculator by The Bump – Witnessed the pink lines? Have you confirmed your pregnancy? Can’t wait to hold your baby in your arms now? Well, we understand! With The Bump due date calculators, you are all set to welcome your little one. Whether you are expecting twins or a single baby, whether you want to calculate through your LMP, date of conception of IVF, all you need to do is just plug in some essential but correct information to get the results. Once you know when your baby will be born, you can also use the Chinese Gencer Chart to predict the baby’s sex to see whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Every parent needs to understand that the online pregnancy due date calculators can give an approximate due date based on your inputs, in terms of date and the procedure. It could even be possible that your obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) may give you a different date. Your doctor can give you more accurate information about your due date.

There’s no harm in visiting a website, putting some entering inputs, and checking out when tour baby will come. But, if you want to know about your baby’s development, what needs to be done or refrained from, or anything else related to your pregnancy, your doctor is the go-to person. Rest are just technologies.