Technologies in the field of medicine do not stand still. Do you want to know about the most innovative remote monitoring devices? Then read this article to find out more.

Top 5 Remote Patient Monitoring Devices in 2021
Top 5 Remote Patient Monitoring Devices in 2021

What is a remote patient monitoring device?

The global pandemic has given a push to the development of telemedicine. Many patients were able to get advice staying at home. Developing remote patient monitoring (RPM) has also helped to popularize telehealth. Many healthcare providers are investing in remote monitoring devices. Therefore, the popularity of templates for digital clinics has increased. Indeed, the future lies behind telemedicine. Distant monitoring devices help control the health of patients regardless of their location.

What are the benefits of remote monitoring applications?

diagram of comparison of time spent on common hospital visits and telemedicine

Nevertheless, there are many opponents of telemedicine. The main point of preconception is the fear of disclosing data about patients’ health. However, we would like to highlight the benefits of remote health monitoring devices:

  1. Your doctor is always aware of your health status. A therapist or a nurse can at any time see the changes in the indicators. In addition, they do not need to make an appointment to check your health condition.
  2. Telemedicine devices make it possible to diagnose diseases at an early stage. Moreover, the risks of hospitalization can be prevented and measures will be taken in time.
  3. Your doctor can always change the course of treatment at the right time. This will lead to a faster and more effective treatment result.
  4. Telemedicine reduces the burden on doctors who have many personal appointments. This contributes to the better work of physicians with their patients.

Now you are aware of the pros of telemedicine. Next, we are going to list the best remote patient monitoring devices of 2021.


TempTraq is a wearable sensor that works via Bluetooth. It is very comfortable to wear as it is a soft bandage. TempTraq monitors body temperature and writes data to your device. To use TempTraq you need an Android or iOS mobile application. In the TempTraq app, users can track their oral temperature. It is formed by converting axillary temperature readings.

The app also has the TempTraq Connect cloud service. It is supported by the well-known Google Healthcare Cloud Platform. With it, patients and doctors monitor body temperature without even using a classic thermometer. Another advantage is the integration of data with electronic patient records. In addition, this data is also transmitted to the doctors’ workstations so that they can constantly monitor the indicators. This data is necessary for the visualization of temperature readings as well as the disease log.

Recent examples of TempTraq have been used at a clinic in Cleveland. It was done for the purpose of temperature control of physicians working with covid patients.

Bardy Diagnostics

Bardy Diagnostics is a digital medicine and remote patient monitoring company. It has developed an ambulatory cardiac monitor for arrhythmia detection. It focuses on the P-wave and is also designed for patient compliance.

CAM Patch technology uses compression algorithms during signal transmission. The patch is in the shape of an hourglass and is placed on the chest. Technology helps to capture the P-wave signal in a more accurate way. The patch collects ECG signals for 14 days. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that it helps to clearly record and detect the hard-to-find P-wave. This is an ECG waveform signal that helps to accurately diagnose arrhythmia. The operation of the instrument helps to obtain a highly sensitive P-wave performance. Also, the device itself is very easy to carry, and it does not cause any discomfort when you wear it for a long time. The company itself claims that the device will also be useful for dealing with COVID-19.


Biotricity is an innovative company focused on developing technology solutions for remote patient monitoring. Biotricity provides a platform that includes artificial intelligence technologies, cloud storage of sensors and the Internet of Things. All this helps Biotricity transform the conventional understanding of medical treatment and make it more innovative. The company believes that the future of medical technology lies in remote diagnosis and management using medical monitoring devices. One of Biotricity’s technologies in the field of heart disease diagnostics is Bioflux. The development is a device for the diagnosis of arrhythmias. Bioflux is a cardio telemetry device based on IoT technology, heart rate sensors and AI. The sensor continuously analyzes ECG data to more accurately diagnose patients with cardiovascular diseases.


The company was founded quite recently, in 2018 in Silicon Valley. With CAREMINDr devices, physicians can track their patient base while staying away from the office. You can agree, when it comes to health, responsiveness is critical. Health monitoring tools allow you not to tie the doctor to the office. The company develops mobile systems for remote monitoring of patients. CAREMINDr developments are high-tech solutions that help doctors monitor patients’ condition at any time. Health data is communicated by the patient via the app. There are several devices that support this technology – blood pressure meters, thermometers, glucometers. Agree that a visit to the doctor may not be even necessary, and therefore a remote blood pressure monitoring device saves you time. On the contrary, treatment will be more effective if the patient can use telemedicine devices. A doctor receives data and conducts analysis, on the basis of which he can make an appointment or adjust the course of treatment. Moreover, such instruments help to identify early preconditions for health worsening and avoid hospitalization.

Hello heart

Top 5 Remote Patient Monitoring Devices in 2021

Hello Heart is a California based startup developed in 2014. It is intended for people suffering from hypertension and prehypertension. Patients use a blood pressure monitor which transmits readings via Bluetooth to the Hello Heart mobile app. Another LifeScan device provides data on the patient’s blood sugar level. Hello Heart app is powered by machine learning algorithms. You can enter data on medications, physical activity into it. The service analyzes the data and provides recommendations for reducing pressure and can detect deterioration at an early stage. Hello Heart Blood Pressure Monitor has been approved by the FDA. A Harvard Medical School study states that more than half of Hello Heart users were able to relieve blood pressure within a month of using the app. Hello Heart teaches patients to track and understand their health. patients can also provide data from the app to their healthcare provider. For example, using a video call, a doctor can professionally evaluate the metrics collected via sensors.


In recent years, we have seen a rapid increase in remote control technology in the medical field. These solutions bring tremendous benefits to people around the world. We can observe the beneficial effect of remote control devices in the example of the coronavirus pandemic. Do not be sceptical about such patient monitoring devices, because they have many valuable advantages according to scientific studies.

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