With the boom of the digital era, we had to bid goodbye to the old-fashioned cable subscription. Video streaming is an essential part of our lives now, and with the rise in demand, there are plethoras of streaming apps in the market. This article will go over the top 5 streaming applications for android:

Top 5 Streaming Apps for Android

1.  Disney+:

Disney Plus app was launched on 12th November 2019 that streams movies, animated series, documentaries, and TV shows with different dedicated content hubs. The content hub primarily includes Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Disney, and Pixar. However, in certain regions, Star is also a part of its content hub that caters to the region-specific audience

The advantage with Disney+ is that it allows unlimited offline viewing, which means you can download its content and view it later. It also allows 4 concurrent streams, 7 custom profiles and offers Premier access that gives you exclusivity to stream content on the same day as it hit theaters.

On the downside, Disney Plus is not available across all countries, but you can always use a VPN for streaming Disney Plus. One more disadvantage is that it stopped offering free trials from June 2020.

2.  Netflix:

Netflix is amongst the popular streaming apps across the globe. Though it was founded in 2007, it came into the streaming media business in 2007 and later went international in 2010. It offers a wide array of content ranging from movies, TV shows, anime, and everything else. You name it; they have it.

The primary advantage of Netflix is that it is available in almost every single country. On top of that, it offers a 30-day free trial.

The downside is that it offers 2 simultaneous streams and 5 custom profiles only compared to Disney Plus.

3.  Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is another very popular video streaming app that re-branded itself in February 2011. With Amazon service inclusivity, you can enjoy cloud storage and shipping benefits too. It mainly offers movies and TV shows from various production houses, but the content library took a huge leap by signing a deal with Viacom.

The main advantage of Amazon Prime Video is that it is available worldwide, and 3 videos can be streamed simultaneously. Furthermore, it offers a 7-day free trial.

The disadvantage is that it only allows 2 simultaneous streams. Additionally, it is not available in Mainland China, North Korea, Syria, and Iran.

4.  Hulu:

Hulu is a joint venture between Comcast and the Walt Disney Company that allowed public access in March 2008. Besides that on-demand streaming, Hulu stands out because of its Live TV channel coverage, including Boomerang, ABC, NBC, Fox, and many more.

The benefit of Hulu is that it offers a 30-day free trial. Another benefit is that it offers Hulu (No ads) plans as well.

The primary disadvantage is that its streaming is limited to the USA and Japan only as of now. Additionally, it allows 2 simultaneous streams.

5.  HBO Now:

HBO Now is another popular on-demand streaming service in the USA that was announced back in 2015. The apps were rolled out later. HBO Now caters to the audience that prefers live television. Their content library contains all the recent premiers of the movies along with the old movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

The advantage with HBO Now is its 30-day free trial, and it allows 3 concurrent streams – which isn’t bad.

The disadvantage with HBO Now is that it does not support offline viewing.


Every streaming app has its features with its advantages and disadvantages. We have stated the basic pros and cons of each of these streaming apps to help you decide the one that suits you the best. For example, while one may offer higher simultaneous streams, the other offers ad-free streaming. Hence, it mainly comes down to your preference.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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