Apple continues to be a pioneer for quality, impressive, and unique gadgets. Some of its successful products of the decade have made significant changes in the music industry, communication, photography, workplace, computing, and the technology world.

Top 6 Apple Products Have Transformed Our Daily Life
Top 6 Apple Products Have Transformed Our Daily Life

Such unmatched devices often end up garnering massive profits for the company. In fact, Apple had revenue of $260.17 billion for the 2019 financial year. However, its most prominent and highest revenue was in 2018, where the company generated a revenue of $265.6 billion.

After surviving fierce competition for over four decades, here are top Apple’s game-changing products to date that also continue to transform our lives.

iPhone 11 Pro

It’s no secret that Apple is one of the top leaders in the smartphone industry, and the iPhone is its core product. While some consumers prefer iPhone 4 for its small 3.5-inch display, others go for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is considered the largest Apple smartphone to date with a 6.5-inch screen size. While the first iPhone made an impact on the mobile phone industry, over the years, Apple has released various smartphones with better features.

The iPhone 11 Pro can easily be considered as the best camera phone. In fact, it was ranked as the best iOS phone and the second-best smartphone of 2019.

Some of its best features include performance, battery life, camera, size, and screen technology.

Top 6 Apple Products Have Transformed Our Daily Life

AirPods 2

The market for wireless earbuds continues to rise, and anyone with an Apple device will want accessories that enhance the listening experience, and that is where AirPods 2 comes in. They are packed with a ton of practical features that make them an instant hit. They are easily recognizable, which adds an element of being cool and is suitable for outdoor activities such as running and cycling. They have a wireless charging case, longer call or listening time, better audio, and voice quality than the first design and also supports voice-activated Siri.

iPad Pro

Although consumers now have the option to choose different iPad models, Apple’s iPad Pro gives value for money. It has a larger display, which is excellent for watching movies, drawing, writing, or playing games.

For students who prefer to buy essay online cheap, the laptop-like experience, thinness and the display size will come in handy when you want to read content without squinting or feeling like your carrying something heavy.

The upgrades are also in the camera and processor. Face ID, TrueDepth camera system, smart HDR, ability to shoot 4K videos, faster 18W charger, bionic processor, pencil two support, and USB-C support are some of the impressive features that come with this gadget.

Top 6 Apple Products Have Transformed Our Daily Life

Apple TV 4K

Nothing beats watching the latest movie in 4K, and Apple has capitalized on the clear content streaming demand to release a 4K video streaming tool. It even supports Dolby’s vision as well as the High Dynamic Range (HDR) format. This, in turn, ensures the image or picture is sharper and of high quality.

Another advantage that this gadget has is that once you have it, you get to watch 4K HDR content, such as movies from iTunes. Apple TV 4K also has an easy setup, which means even a less technology-savvy individual will have no trouble figuring the operation.

MacBook Pro

If you are looking for a Mac laptop with a fast quad-core processor and good integrated graphics that is also lightweight and budget-friendly, then MacBook pro might meet your needs. This 16 inch Apple laptop is thin, sleek, and packs an Intel Core i7 9 the generation CPU. It also boasts of excellent speakers, 64BG RAM, longer battery life, improved speakers, and can support up to 8TB of SSD storage.

Top 6 Apple Products Have Transformed Our Daily Life

Apple Pay

A large percentage of the population relies on mobile payment to complete various monetary businesses online. People prefer such modes because of its security convenience and faster process. Apple has come up with its own digital payment platform called Apple Pay which is available in 52 countries and supports in-app shopping.

Using the Apple wallet, users may trace their cinema tickets, School ID, and even credit card details. Besides, the near field communication (NFC) technology ensures faster and more contactless payment transactions. Every transaction has must be verified by passcodes, tokens, PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID, which works to enhance security.

Apple products are a favorite to many people; that’s why they queue in line every time a new device is released. In terms of functionality, their gadgets are practical, easy to use, and will make use of the latest technology. Such impressive features that improve aspects of our lives are what make consumers prefer Apple products.

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