Top 7 Apps to Boost Your Writing Skills


Writing is an art that takes time to develop, although some people are born talented writers. Good writing skills develop through various ways such as consistent practice, reading widely, research, and use of apps. Writing applications help writers write better sentences, ensure texts are free from grammatical errors and help writers submit quality content. 

Top 7 Apps to Boost Your Writing Skills

The use of apps also helps writers continually improve their writing skills. Most of the writing apps will work well on PC, Android, and iOS. The following are some of the best writing apps in the market that are sure to help you or try this online writing service, SuperiorPapers, so that you deliver only the best work. can be downloaded and installed from the apple store or google play, and it is compatible with iPad, Android, and iOS operating systems. Once installed, it can be used as a dictionary to check the meaning of words and their use in sentences. 

Users can access more than two million word definitions and a large number of synonyms. The word of the day feature enables users to learn a new word each day to help them continue improving their vocabulary step by step. Users can also save their favorite words and retrieve them anytime they want. 

Its writing feature helps with writing tips, suggestions of best ways to write a sentence better, and its grammar 101 helps writers understand writing rules and grammar use better. Its other features are the grammar coach, writing prompts, games feature, and learning feature, which help writers develop their writing skills. 


ProWritingAid is a desktop and smartphone app that students, bloggers, freelancers can use, and other commercial writers to improve their writing. The app has many features that help writers improve their content and learn better writing skills. 

It gives suggestions on a better word that can be used in a sentence to help improve writing efficiency, grammar, and readability of texts. A writer can scan text and generate a writing report that pinpoints various mistakes like repetitive sentences, vague words, passive sentences, too long and too complex sentences. 

The sentence style and strength feature help suggest if a sentence makes sense, if its clarity is poor and if the writer needs to improve or use different words to make the sentence clearer. Writers can take quizzes, watch videos, read explanations and suggestions to help them build their writing skills. 


Popplet was created to help inexperienced writers like newbie freelancers and students learn the art of writing fast. The app is designed to use visuals and creativity to help the learner improve retention ability. Compatible with Android and IOS, the app can be used for free, although users may subscribe to its premium version to access more features. 

One of its biggest advantages is that you can access it in more than 100 different languages. Its unique collaboration feature helps learners share their texts and collaborate with other learners, and the app creator gets more insights on better ways to improve their shared texts.

The Popplet for work features enables commercial writers to share ideas that help others get scalable, simple, and flexible solutions in a work environment. This app is best suited for writers who struggle with complex sentence structures. 

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. It was developed to help those writers who easily get distracted even by simple activities on their screens. When it’s active, the app expands to full screen such that the user cannot view anything else except the app’s interface. 

The app is free to use. It’s open-source and multiplatform, enabling users to access features like dictionary support, generate word statistics, and organize their work in tables. It also allows for minimal use of spelling and checking grammar errors. 

Its other features are daily goals to help writers set achievable goals. Users can activate its typewriter sound effects, set timers and alarms, use different document formats, and access more than 20 languages.


Grammarly is a free app that helps writers improve their writing skills in various ways. It has several packages such as Grammarly for Windows, MS Office, Chrome, phone, and iPad. Its correctness feature helps check for grammatical errors, sentence fluency, spelling mistakes, and paragraph consistency.

The Grammarly clarity feature helps with formatting, rewriting better, and more concise sentences. For better paragraph engagement, better vocabulary, and lively sentences, the app uses its engagement feature. 

The app also checks if the content has used the right tone, formal/informal writing, whether the writer is displaying confidence and politeness in their writing depending on the target audience. its plagiarism checker helps detect plagiarism. Writers who want additional features can subscribe to the premium or business package.  


Scrivener uses a combination of tools to help a writer produce better quality content. It can be used by writers in any field, whether students, journalists, book writers, freelancers, or translators. The app is the best fit for writers who produce long-form content like product reviews, product manuals, and training courses. 

Writers can write different pieces of their document, research for sources, and then combine them into one piece on this app. Using the app, writers can break down their work into smaller, manageable portions, work on each separately and then bring them together into one document. 

Its powerful formatting features allows users to format, highlight phrases, add comment or annotations, add photos, and view pages. The app is compatible with most file formats, and writers can import into Scrivener any kind of files like movie, audio, PDF, Ms. Word, or plain text files. 


Evernote was created to help writers organize their notes, take notes and manage tasks. Users can create any kind of content, whether writing texts, using audio, images, graphs, or inserting content from the web. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC, and you can use it to store content that you can later sync across different gadgets like the PC and smartphone. 


There are many writing apps that writers can use to help improve their writing skills. The apps help take notes, organize work and store. Other apps help check for plagiarism, grammar flow, clarity of sentences, and the right use of tones. Writers can use apps that help them learn better use of writing skills to produce high-quality content. For a writer to effectively use apps for writing, they need to consistently practice writing, research and read widely. 


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