Friendly saying if you open google play or any other official app store for apps and games you will see huge categories on your screen. In every category, the user will get tons of different apps and games. So, it is not possible for players to choose Top Android games or apps without using them with their names.

Top Android Games

If you are an android smartphone user then you may also know that there are tons of third-party apps and games too which are not allowed on official apps stores due to legality, privacy, and other issues. So, getting top-rated official and third-party apps and games for the newbie is not easy.

We always try to mention top-rated games and apps from different categories which helps users to choose the best app without using them on their device. In this article, we are back with top android games that players Definitely love and enjoy after installing them on their smartphones and tablet.

We have tried to cover both official and third-party top games in this article. However, it is not possible for us to mention all games so we have only shared a few games below based on players’ reviews and ratings. Apart from games players will also get different gaming packages here in this article which they will also love to use.

What are top Rated Android games?

Top-rated android games are those games that are downloaded by more players from all around the world because of their gameplay and other features. Players love to play these top games online for hours without being bored.

The game category is listed among the top downloaded category on both official and third-party app stores. Players love to play games in a free tie for both entertainment and also for earning money by participating in different game events and also through game streaming.

In the best android games, players will get a chance to cover more game genres in a single game. Now there are tons of action games in which players get a chance to enjoy racing, adventure, shooting, and many more features for free by downloading a single game.

Top Android Games for Players in 2022

Baba is You Game

If you like puzzles games this new puzzle game is for you where you not only get a chance to solve puzzles but also make your own rule for puzzles while playing the game online against other players. All rules are written on the screen of the game which players can easily change according to their need to make the game more entertaining.

Mobile Top Android Games

Marvel Future Revolution Game

This new game is especially mad for marvel fans who love watching it in cinema or Disney plus. In this game, the player will get a chance to choose multiple power full heroes while fighting against well-known villains.

RuneScape Game

This is one of the best MMOs games developed and released by three brothers a few years ago. Now this game is officially available for smartphone devices. In this new game, players have to solve different quests and also explore a new location.

Overboard! Game

This new game is on a ship where a murder is committed and you are the witness of that murder. Now you have to play a killer and have to escape from the ship by using different things which help you to hide your crime. At the start of the game, players will get different options and information about the game which helps players while playing the game.

Level head Game

This new the best action game in which players get a chance to play in a team of 1 to 4 players. In this game players get more than 100 tough game levels which players have to complete by running, leaping, and using different weapons.

In this game, players will get more than 100 creative items that help them to design their own unique game levels and share them with other players too.

As mentioned clearly mentioned in the above paragraph that we have mentioned both official and third-party top games in this article. Players can easily get the link to official games from any official app store like the play store, Apple store, and many more.

However, players who want to download third-party games should need to visit any safe and secure third-party website where they will get the link to the game. While downloading and installing third-party games players need to allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from security settings.

Final Words,

Top Android Games provide users both productivity and entertainment by providing them access to different game events and tournaments which help players to win prizes by utilizing their gaming skills. If you want to utilize your gaming skills by participating in different game events online then try the above-mentioned games and also share them with other players so that more players will get advantage from them.

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