Your teen has passed his or her driving test and is now a licensed driver.

Top Driving Apps to Help Keep Your Teen Safe on the Road

And now, they’re about to take the family car (or their own) out for a spin.

As a parent, road safety is a major concern, especially in the age of smart phones, social media and selfies.

That being said, you won’t have to worry as much when you have these driving apps installed on your teen’s device.


DriveSmart is a free app that focuses on the driving behavior of the user rather than their parents. The moment they launch the app they’ll be reminded to buckle up, then given useful information and metrics about the trip they’ve taken.

All driving aspects are recorded and given a rating, e.g. a low rating for suddenly hitting the brakes. They then get personalized feedback on how they’re driving so they could develop good habits.

Toyota’s Do Not Disturb App

The moment your teen’s car moves, this app puts their phone in Do Not Disturb Mode. This means that all calls and texts are muted, thereby eliminating disturbances when your teen is behind the wheel.

The app also monitors driving behavior and will play music when your child tries to send a text or starts speeding.

TrueMotion Safe Driving

This app allows parents to be ‘virtually there’ whenever their teens drive. You’ll be able to see where he or she has been and what route they took to get there.

Parents can set geo-tagging and driving limitations, such as driving speed, curfews and perimeters. TrueMotion Safe Driving rates each trip so you’ll know if they’re improving and developing good driving habits or not.

Push notification will show you when your teen breaks road violations such as use their phones to call or text or exceeds the speed limit. Pro

Offers hands-free messaging and calls. The app reads emails and SMS in real time; users can reply and voice their response by touching the smartphone once.

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