What are concept maps?

A concept map is a diagram or a tool used to show the relationship between whatever is going on in a particular project or task, whether visible to users or operating quietly in the background. The arrowheads and distinct nodes symbolize a set and collection of notions and ideas. It is a practical technique to break down complicated thoughts or actions. For example, since we’ve been talking about apps all along, what goes into constructing an app? What is going on in this app’s background? Thus, concept mapping is employed to break down this information into much more accessible and user-friendly procedures. 

Top Five APPS And Their Linkage With Concept Maps

Significance when used in Applications.

In the world of app development, there is a lot of brainstorming, procedures, a lot of coding, and a lot of teamwork. Now the primary question is whether you want to work hard or work intelligently. This is where concept maps come into play. Users may utilize this method to make the development process simpler and quicker and as a learning tool and an assessment tool to measure app performance. As technological developments occur daily, so increases the complexity of programs and codes within them. If, in the long run, a mistake happens in its code, the developers, rather than going through the entire code, would have set down the various difficulties that may occur ahead. Not merely run in the background, but if programs began displaying the concept maps anywhere in consumers’ access, it would be beneficial as people would now know and understand how user-friendly this application is.

Top five leading concept map applications

1. Gitmind

It is undoubtedly one of the most significant applications on the marketplace in these current times for creating and altering concept maps. Its services are available online and are entirely free. It allows you to cross-reference each other’s thoughts effortlessly and makes it possible for your team to see the same stuff much more clearly for you efficiently. Since its usage can disintegrate all the complicated information into minor information, these visual maps are granted digital approval to apps to go forward with innovations.

2. XMind 

This is yet another concept mapping application. You may effortlessly capture and categorize your thoughts in a matter of a few seconds and then display them elegantly with only one. You jot down the essential elements and then design them into a vibrant presentation with photos! In user-friendliness, this software is outstanding. This is because data may be synced between mobile, computer systems, and all the digital applications involved. 

3. Miro

Miro’s concept map is a visually appealing yet sophisticated tool for depicting ideas and concepts, with nodes indicating drawn relationships between them, and then organizing them into a rigid hierarchical structure. Miro’s maps are similar to mind maps; however mind mapping is a schematic chart that concentrates on individual subjects, whereas Miro’s concept mapping is more concerned with the relationships and connections between concepts presented in an emphatic way. Their concept maps are beneficial in a range of circumstances, from assisting someone in learning a new concept to mapping out user flow or client journeys.

4. Mind42

This is one of the applications designed and built for those who do not want to put in the extra effort and prefer to have things done via the internet or download finished chores. As a result, our experts do not encourage its usage. Still, they also do not discourage its use because we may be mistaken, as freelancing weekly declares it to be one of their organization’s daily used tools. You can use this app if you do not want to download any other applications. You may enter photos from these applications’ URLs as well as URLs from other websites. You can effortlessly import and export free concept makers and other idea maps with these tools. This app provides its user with all the friendly accessibility they require. 

5. WiseMapping

The notion may be mapped and edited. It may be used for both personal and commercial reasons. You may integrate the idea map on your site without using any plugins by using this tool. One of the characteristics is that it employs html5.0 and scalable vector graphics (SVG) technology, allowing you to animate a variety of clean and smooth visuals.

6. Goconqr

It substantially increases both developers’ and users’ capacity to perceive and generate critical concepts. Whether you’re a programmer or a user, you may make the most out of the visual process of cognitive growth by employing the application’s online learning tools, concept maps, and other features.


Our specialist team has done their best to present you with all of the relevant data and topic material regarding concept mapping throughout this post. With all of the technological advancements around us, it is becoming increasingly important for everyone to keep up and comprehend what is going on. One of them is concept mapping, which is frequently explored in digital and computer-related domains. If you’re a tech student, this is the knowledge that can be pretty beneficial to you. If you have any additional questions, please contact us, and we will do our best to answer them.

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