iOS apps aren’t all about entertainment, shopping and making life more convenient. A few of them were made so you can save some money!

Top iOS Apps That Can Help You Save Some Extra Money

Consider these top iOS apps that can get you deals and coupons on food, clothing and essential tech. Some can help you develop a budget, track your spending, and do the organizing of bills for you among many other useful features when it comes to saving money.

A shopping assistant app that’s free to download and use. Honey displays the biggest deals including exclusives from your favorite stores and puts them under an intuitive, easy to use platform. Simply open the app and browse through millions of products from top merchants with the ability to checkout all items at once.

Has an unusual name, but there’s nothing weird about the app that can discourage frivolous spending and making one stick to the budget. At its core, Squirrel is like a virtual piggy bank that stretches your pay down to the bare essetials.

A popular app that helps households manage all their bills in one place. Mint prevents the accumulation of fees, interest charges and extra costs by reminding you of the due date and amount due. Moreover, it has a budget-making capability that allows users to allot money for emergencies, savings and even retirement.

Key Ring
A small but useful app that stores membership and loyalty cards while showing you weekly coupons and ads for saving money while shopping at your favorite store.

My Weekly Budget
A kind of note-taking app where you can write down your budget for the week, and how it can go. Users keep a log of daily spending so they can track the numbers and come up with an exact figure of the money they spent and saved on a weekly basis.

Savings 2
Just like the app sounds, Savings 2 is a good match for those who’d like to keep everything organized. The bright, colorful money-saving app keeps track of your spending and shows them in an interesting, graphical manner.

A must-have for when you have a dozen credit cards and no organization methods whatsoever. Wallaby app will show you which card to use so you can get maximum rebates, points and rewards for that particular store or transaction.

Clarity Money 
The app that literally gives users clarity on their budget and how they spend it each month. Clarity Money breaks down the expenses, monitors your credit score, plans, budgets and more. The simple design allows you to focus on the numbers towards making smarter decisions.

A financial coaching app that gauges the user’s happiness and spending. All purchases you make can be rated as a “happy” or “sad” so you can make spending connections that add to the joy of owning, or understanding purchases that provide negative emotional value.

An app that offers cashback rebates whenever users take photos of their receipts and upload it. This creates a cycle of awareness and allows you to save money even when you’re shopping.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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