The past two years have been a huge transformation for the IT industry. The pandemic has made businesses realize that the mobile application industry is there to stay for a time uncertain. According to an annual number of mobile app downloads worldwide2021 by Statista, the global smartphone market has seen a whopping 50% hike since 2016. The studies also reveal that the mobile app development market will grow with time.

Top Mobile Application Development Trends That Will Rule In 2022

As we step into the year 2022, businesses are constantly adapting to the latest technology by investing heavily in app development. The statistics reveal 21% of people open their apps approx. 50 times a day. Building great applications is the best way for the consumer approach.

With so much potential growth, business owners and app development companies are recurrently investing time and money into understanding the changing patterns of the digital industry. Here are a few expected upcoming trends in the mobile industry market that can be seen in 2022;

1. Wearable Device Applications

The pandemic has affected peoples’ life both financially and physically. Now people are looking for applications that constantly monitor health. Hence, the demand for wearable devices is going to trend in upcoming years.

The wearable devices monitor health, indicate immunity, and determine an individual’s probability of getting infected. With additional features like money management, these smartwatches are soon becoming the complete alternative to smartphones.

2. 5G Technology

Although the fifth-generation mobile connectivity has not been standardized completely, it is expected to gain popularity in 2022. According to studies of CCS Insight, there is an exponential rise in 5G connections. 5G is found to be a combination of high-speed bandwidth, low dormancy, and connection density that surfaces the use of IT, AR, VR in mobile applications. That means all applications have to be 5G competent to bring incessant value to the consumers.

3. Augmentation and Virtual Reality

Technologies that work around maintaining social distancing have gained popularity in 2021. AR and VR have been a great source of entertainment and connectivity during pandemics. Additionally, business houses like interior designers, builders, have used this technology to interact with customers. Be it a virtual walk through a new home, buying furniture, or playing games, augmentation, and virtual technology will be unexpectedly explored in the upcoming years.

4. Mobile Wallets

When we talk about trending mobile app developments in 2022, we cannot leave out Mobile wallets and mobile commerce. These are the two most important changing trends that will dominate the market in forthcoming years. Due to Covid, consumers were forced to change their shopping habits as they stopped stepping out of their houses. The convenience of online shopping has changed the market drastically.

Business owners are now focusing on the business consumers model to improve branding and boost revenue. Mobile commerce comes in mobile wallets that have reduced hard cash transactions. Google pay, Amazon Pay, and others have seen a trending surge. As per the statistics, mobile wallets may cross $13 billion by the end of 2022.

5. IoT and Cloud management

IoT has made life easier with automated convenience, Invention of smart objects and smart houses is not relatively new, but it has found its existence in the commercial world very recently. The Internet of Things is expected to gain a global market of about $ 1trillion in the next five years.

Cloud, on the other hand, offers security to your data. As most of the world’s population is hooked to their smartphone, cloud, and IoT, together simplifies everything. It provides a platform for organizations in connecting with the end-user and offers innovative solutions and data security.


The mobile application plays a vital role in the growth and expansion of business. Hence, the owners must understand the changing trends of mobile applications. Many companies are changing their strategies from shifting from traditional websites to developing mobile apps. It is important to step forward and connect with top mobile app developers to build attractive platforms to boost sales revenue and attract end-users.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.