Top Programming Languages for AI Engineers in 2020

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Top Programming Languages for AI Engineers in 2020

Artificial Intelligence can be described as a branch of computer science that used to develop intelligent machines. Several types of research are associated with artificial intelligence, some that are specialized and others are highly technical. The main problem that comes with Artificial Intelligence is it requires technical and specialized programming computers. Thus it has become an integral segment in the technology industry.

AI requires skilled, efficient programmers and engineers that have advanced knowledge on the AI programming languages. There are several languages that can be used in AI programmers that can now use in developing different apps. There isn’t any known programming language known as a one-stop solution for artificial intelligence. This because every task require different or specific language in order to function efficiently and effectively

Top Programming Languages for AI Engineers in 2020

Nowadays, AI programmers are now expected to learn and master different languages as they work as a team involving inter Disciplinary environment. There are several popular languages that are commonly used for AI projects word wide. These are some of Top Programming Languages for AI Engineers in 2020, which may help one become an expert or an AI engineer. They include


It was first developed in 1972. It is used in short logical programming projects that make an interesting tool in developing artificial intelligence, more specifically in natural language processing. It works best when used in chatbot 

To understand prolog, an AI programmer has to be familiar with several vital terms used while working with a prolog programming language. They include

  • the goals and objectives of the project.
  • The rules followed and the facts that surround this programming language.


It was first introduced in 1991. It has been the most used AI programming language that accounts for more than 57% that developers use. It’s the programming language of choice that developers use in solving Artificial Intelligence troubles. 

Python provides an easier entry into the AI world for data scientists and programmers. It’s the most preferred programming language when compared to other languages for machine learning Artificial Intelligence data analysis. It is mostly recommended when one requires coding.  It’s a flexible language, and it decreases any possibility of encountering any errors.

It is much possible for a programmer to combine python with other programming languages while undertaking some of the projects. Python is an independent programming language platform that saves lots of cash and time that used in testing thus makes it very simple and convenient


It’s one of the favorite programming languages that AI developers prefer while they want to solve some of the problems that are encounter. They include inductive logic projects as they develop Artificial Intelligence solutions. It is mostly preferred when developing logic-based Artificial Intelligence projects when compared to other languages such as Prolog, Haskell, and Scheme. Lisp is described as one of the notable programs that involve mathematical projects/ programs.

Several AI programmers regularly turn to Lisp for Artificial Intelligence projects that rely heavily on Machine Learning since it provides rapid prototyping capabilities, maintain symbolic expressions, got a library, that is highly flexible and compliant during problem-solving desires.

It is a popular AI programming language for the reason that it allows developers to have an easy dynamic mode in creating new projects with automatic garbage collection. When the program is running, a developer can enable interactive evaluations while compiling files and functions concurrently.


It is a strong static and standardized programming language that was developed in doesn’t have strict semantics. Due to its popularity, it’s primarily used in academic circles. In addition, technology giants, for instance, Google and Facebook, have used it.

It’s mostly used in research purposes since it supported specific languages that have a vital role in programming languages for AI and research.

For instance, HLearn controls common algebraic structures such as monoids and modules that express and accelerates the speed of algorithms. When coding these algorithms using other AI languages, Hansel makes them more meaningful than others as they maintain an acceptable level of performance.

It is a good host to probabilistic programming projects as it assists AI developers in identifying all the errors that are arising during these phases. It isn’t so popular in enterprise environments; thus doesn’t offer support as those offered by Java and python. Unlike Java, it is perfect when engaging abstract mathematics, as it allows efficient and expressive libraries that create AI algorithms.


It’s considered as the best programming language worldwide for the last 20years or so. Java is most widely used in developing enterprise-scale web applications. It is one of the best known extremely stable programming languages for AI applications; thus, large organizations have used it for a very long time.

Therefore if you are looking forward to making development for a large scale organization, JavaJava is the most preferred programming language. It mostly used in android apps. Different businesses today use android apps since it the most used app today with smartphones. This has really opened up opportunities for java developers as Google has created an excellent platform for its users

It is user-friendly, flexible in nature as well as platform independence. Java is used in developing several AI programs in various ways. 


R was developed by Robert Gentleman and was launched back in 1995. R programming language is an advanced version of S programming language and is used in creating static software and in data analysis. It is good in crunching numbers thus works better in such project when compared to python and the NumPy package 

The qualities that are making R a good fit for AI programming among developers are: It works well on several projects that involve functional programming, object-oriented, and vector computation programs. It is the most preferred programming language of choice in several large organizations. It is currently managed by R Development Core Team.


At any given time a project requires high-performance numerical computing or analysis, Julia is the best and preferred programming language for such AI projects. It is explicitly created to focus on computations that are required by AI. It is the main programming paradigm that includes a structure with parametric polymorphism and various dispatch capabilities.

When compared with other programming languages, it not the best language to go with since it doesn’t support the wealth of libraries. The main benefit of using Julia is that it’s able to translate an algorithm without any loss.

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