Top Safe Friendship Apps for Students

Have you ever noticed that it’s more difficult to make friends when you get older? Being at school, we get to know our peers fast and keep in touch easily because we don’t need to make any effort to do this. We find ourselves in the same room every day and have common classes, so we have topics for discussion. As we grow older, new relationship options open up, ranging from pragmatic to deep emotional connections that can also be maintained at a distance. If you want to meet new people and might get positive emotions, check the list of the best application for safe friendship.


Life is constantly changing, and thus, our interests and needs are changing. Whatever your passion, “Friender” can help you find like-minded people! The app’s name speaks for itself. While you are building your profile in “Frieder,” you point out the activities you like doing, kinds of books, and movies you like reading and watching and other stuff that will help you find a good friend. 

Top Safe Friendship Apps for Students


The app was founded by Michelle Kennedy, who had worked at the dating app Badoo before giving birth. Being on maternity leave, she felt isolated and a little depressed because of the lack of communication and mutual understanding. “Peanut” gives you a chance to meet moms from all over the world who can support you as they know what you are going through and give some practical advice. Isn’t it great to have somebody who can share your worries?


Do you think of doing sports, but abandon that idea until next week or even month? You definitely need someone who will encourage and motivate you. Download the Atleto app and find jogging buddies or tennis opponents. Share your results achieved, discuss the intensity of workouts, and everything athletes are interested in.


The developers of this app are sure that social networks have to improve our interactions with real people. So, they have tried to solve this problem, weaning people from clinging on their mobile devices while being in public places. “REALU” lets you connect people and meet them in real time. For example, when you are in a cafe and can find someone close to this place, you can send a message and arrange a meeting.


If you have moved and find it tough to get closer to your new neighbors, try to meet the challenge with the Nextdoor app. The app allows you to be kept informed about the current events in your neighborhood, find babysitting services, etc. It’s more exciting than just a call, “Hi, who wants to be friends with me?” The way of integration offered by the Nextdoor developers are more natural and might be less stressful for some people.

Meet My Dog

We all know the claim that a dog is a man’s best friend, and you might think about why you need more friends if you already have an adorable puppy? However, human contact is irreplaceable. Download the app and find active dog guys to walk pets together,  arrange puppy play dates, or just admire each other’s dogs. You will be amazed at how many new people appear online every minute.


You will find like-minded people in any activity, from knitting and writing poems to singing karaoke at bars. All you need is just to input your location and go over the events by category that takes place nearby. You will create your own dream-team in a very short time frame. Acquaintance-making might become a captivating thing for you, so don’t forget to contact academic writing helpers to get a quick reply to your questions, “Could you do my assignment? How can I pay to do my essay?” and only after confirming that you will meet your deadlines, feel free to meet new friends.

Bumble BFF

The concept is pretty simple here. You make a profile, add some of your photos, and a brief bio. You will see profiles of other people who have the same interests, and if you have a match, you can start a conversation. Someone might find a little shortcoming. As soon as you match, you have limited time to start a dialogue, so if you skip a person who is willing to chat with you, you need to wait for the beginning of the new match.

The League

If you are fond of professional and ambitious people, welcome to “The League!” The main distinctive feature of this app is that you need to pass a screening process just to get this platform. So, you can be sure that each person here is true. You can’t create fake profiles or several ones, and no bots are studying your profiles. You can join interesting events and exciting groups, but only after you confirm your credibility.