Trendy Apps for Kids


With new technology popping up every day, Facebook has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, kids are eager to try out new apps they hear from their friends or those trending on Play Store.

Trendy Apps for Kids

It is therefore important for parents to keep track of which apps the kids are downloading on their smartphones, tablet or computer, in case problems crop up if they are not used responsibly.

Below we have laid out some of the most trendiest apps for kids, which if used appropriately and with a bit of parental guidance will keep them absorbed, whether at home or on long holiday trips.

Dino Dino

If your young one is obsessed with games, then this app full of monsters that stomped the earth millions of years ago will keep them thoroughly entertained. Dino Dino is a complete set of mini-education games that are far from being dry and dull. Games like, digging up fossils in seconds to colouring in are both fun and risk-free.

Pok Pok Playroom

This unique app echoes what children may face in the real world, but in a safe and play oriented environment. The games of Pok Pok are risk-free and open-ended, thereby giving kids an opportunity to experiment and innovate. Subscription plans are a bit high, but the app regularly updates new toys which is worth at least a couple of months of trying out.

This fantastic app teaches numbers, addition, subtraction, measurements,shapes and patterns and much more. The reading curriculum of covers the entire reading range from the names of letters to the sounds they represent, gradually advancing to paras. It also includes language and writing skills, including punctuation parts of speech. Surely one of the most trendy app today for online educational program.


Kids in high school can learn a new language with Duolingo, the world’s most downloaded educational app.This free app is a wonderful asset for learning more than 35 languages with the help of quick lessons. It also features reading, speaking and listening to enhance your grammar and vocabulary skills.


This social media messaging app allows the user to exchange text, videos and pictures which disappear after a short while. Used by more than 80% of the teens in the age of 12+, the popularity of Snapchat has risen as you can post things up to 24 hrs on your feed, but it vanishes as soon as you take your finger off the screen.


Just as in WhatsApp, Kik allows smartphone users to create an account without a registered telephone number. This free-messaging app also has a platform for exclusive mini-games, emojis and e-cards. That said, it does not ask for age verification, which makes it easy for anyone to download and connect with total strangers and engage in harmful content.

Capital One Money

Most of the kid-friendly banking apps don’t pay returns, but Capital One Money lets children aged 8+ set up an account which earns interest. The app comes with a MasterCard debit card, thus enabling kids to achieve their saving goals. Parents can further link this account to another existing Capital One Money account or any other Bank account.

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