Twitch Overlay and Streaming

Twitch is a streaming platform created in 2011. If you like to watch professional or amateur gamblers playing different games here is where you can have fun. The advantages of this platform are not just these. On Twitch you can also make stream. But before you start streaming, we inform you that you need some tips to create the best quality and soon become a known player.

To be able to do streaming it is necessary to have an account created on the site. After that do not forget that your PC needs to be very well created so you can play video games it but in the same time you can stream live using a streaming program like OBS.

One very important thing is to use graphical elements that allow your users to recognize you. At this stage, many streamers have problems because they do not know how to use graphics software or do not have enough money to pay a desiger. But the WDFLAT team can help you. You can find on their site a large free graphical elements that you can use. On their site you find banners, logo esports, stream overlay, twitch panels and facecam borders. Some elements can be edited using Adobe Photoshop. But if you do not know how to use this program, we’re announcing that some items you can find on the site, do not need edits or even can be edited directly on the site without having to create you an account on the their site.

If you think to like it and want to make stream, that it’s not easy. It is important to have a program that you can follow very carefully. During the streaming session, be charismatic and kind so that your subscriber to watch you.

In the last few years, the games championships are very well tracked and the players are very well known. The most important championships are Dota2 and CS:GO. The players of this games are extremely well trained and have hundreds of hours of training to play internationally.

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